Demonite Bars are the refined form of Demonite Ore, requiring 4 ore per bar. A Furnace is required to craft Demonite Bars. Demonite is the ninth tier in the twelve tiers of pre-hardmode Ores: one tier above Platinum, but one tier lower than Crimtane Bar. It is the counterpart of Crimtane on worlds where the Crimson is replaced by the Corruption.


  • Any item made with Demonite Bars will emit a small amount of shadow particles.
  • 110 Demonite Bars (or 440 Demonite Ore) are required to craft all of the Demonite tier items along with an additional 56 Shadow Scales.
  • Any Items created with Demonite Bars are worth as much or less than a single bar. To gain money faster it is wise to defeat the Eater of Worlds or the Eye of Cthulhu and sell the raw ore.
  • Demonite does not change value when made into bars. This makes it much quicker to sell a stack of ore than crafting them into bars first, because it will yield in exactly the same amount of money.
  • Demonite can be easily found around the corruption in groups of 2-5.
  • Items made out of Demonite are faster than their Crimtane counterparts, but deal less damage per hit.

Update Info


  • Became placeable as decoration.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
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Items Requiring Demonite
Armor Shadow Helmet · Shadow Scalemail · Shadow Greaves
Tools Fisher of Souls · Nightmare Pickaxe · The Breaker · War Axe of the Night
Weapons Demon Bow · Light's Bane · Malaise
Other Demonite Bar · Demonite Brick
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