The Dirt Block is one of the easiest obtained resources found in Terraria. It occurs on both the surface and underground, although it doesn't appear in all environments. Under certain conditions, grass, vines, flowers, and other plants may grow on it. Trees and plants like Sunflowers cannot be planted on Dirt, only on grass. Dirt blocks will be right beneath you when you spawn a new world.


  • Dirt can be infected with Corrupt Grass and Hallowed Grass. However, it can NOT be directly corrupted or purified; it must have vegetation growing on it first.
  • Dirt can be magically moved using the Dirt Rod, at the cost of 5 Mana.
  • You can add grass to Dirt Blocks using the Staff of Regrowth or Grass Seeds. Likewise, you can place Corrupt Seeds and Hallowed Seeds on Dirt Blocks to grow Corrupt Grass and Hallowed Grass, respectively.
  • A Dirt Block can be turned into a Mud Block by a source of water.
  • To most beginners, this could be the most important item to keep in the hotbar. This is because players can make a bridge over obstacles and monsters.
  • Technically dirt is renewable as you can put mud in the Corruption/Crimson and it'll turn it to dirt.


  • When a Dirt Block gets turned off by a Actuator and is mined, the player gets a Clay Block.
  • When a Dirt Block with grass is painted, that painted grass will spread the paint with it when it grows.

Update Info


  • Stack size increased from 250 to 999


  • Texture now correctly connects with mud.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
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