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Dragonflies are small, rare critters that can be found near large bodies of water which have sufficient amounts of cattails on the surface of the water during the day when it is not raining and there is low wind speed. When approached, they will fly a short distance up and away from the player. They can be caught with any Bug Net and carried in the inventory. Dragonflies also serve as bait, with a Bait Power of 20%. They can be used to craft Dragonfly Jars.

Unlike many critters, dragonflies are capable of spawning on screen. Dragonflies spawn in air within a small radius of cattails. If looking to farm dragonflies, it is advised to make space for more cattails to grow, since the critter appears to spawn directly from the cattail itself rather than by normal mob spawning. If there is air space underneath a submerged cattail, it is possible for the dragonfly to spawn in said air space. The type of dragonfly spawned is determined by the type of cattail. Oasis cattails spawn the Black, Orange and Yellow variants, whereas Forest cattails spawn the Blue, Green and Red variants.


Dragonfly Rarity Sell Bait
NPC ID Notes
Gold Dragonfly Gold Dragonfly
Internal Item ID: 4340
Rarity level: 3 10 50% 601 1/150 chance to replace another dragonfly.
Black Dragonfly Black Dragonfly
Internal Item ID: 4334
Rarity level: 1 10 20% 595 Only spawns in Oasis.
Blue Dragonfly Blue Dragonfly
Internal Item ID: 4335
Rarity level: 1 10 20% 596 Only spawns in Forest.
Green Dragonfly Green Dragonfly
Internal Item ID: 4336
Rarity level: 1 10 20% 597 Only spawns in Forest.
Orange Dragonfly Orange Dragonfly
Internal Item ID: 4337
Rarity level: 1 10 20% 598 Only spawns in Oasis.
Red Dragonfly Red Dragonfly
Internal Item ID: 4338
Rarity level: 1 10 20% 599 Only spawns in Forest.
Yellow Dragonfly Yellow Dragonfly
Internal Item ID: 4339
Rarity level: 1 10 20% 600 Only spawns in Oasis.


Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Black Dragonfly JarBlack Dragonfly JarBy Hand
Blue Dragonfly JarBlue Dragonfly Jar
Gold Dragonfly JarGold Dragonfly Jar
Green Dragonfly JarGreen Dragonfly Jar
Orange Dragonfly JarOrange Dragonfly Jar
Red Dragonfly JarRed Dragonfly Jar
Yellow Dragonfly JarYellow Dragonfly Jar
Golden DelightGolden DelightCooking PotCooking Pot
Dragonfly StatueDragonfly StatueHeavy Work BenchHeavy Work Bench and Ecto Mist
total: 9 row(s)


  • Dragonflies can build up their speed over time and easily outstrip players, even those with Hermes Boots or its various tinkers. The player should leave themselves some space to accelerate before attempting to catch a dragonfly.
    • The speed they can build up is immense, up to 83 mph.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the dragonflies: "A swift-flying insect which hunts mosquitoes. Comes in a variety of colors. Fish are somewhat attracted to these."