The Drax (known as the Hamdrax before v1.2) is a tool which is crafted from Hallowed Bars and one each of the souls dropped by the mechanical bosses. Like all drills, it cannot be reforged with any prefix that increases size. It is a great tool for mining and cutting down trees. It is the second best combination of a Pickaxe and an Axe, only being surpassed by the Picksaw and Laser Drill, which has 210% Pickaxe power and 125% Axe power and a faster use time. It is also the fourth best pickaxe by pickaxe power in the game, second only to the picksaw, luminite pickaxes, and laser drill. This is one of two craftable tools with 200% pickaxe power or more that does not require the player to beat Plantera, the other being the Pickaxe Axe.


  • In Mobile [?], it is possible to find a Drax inside a Shadow Chest even in Pre-Hardmode.
  • Much like the Hamaxe, the Drax's name is a portmanteau of the tools whose purposes it serves: Drill and Axe. "Dr" as in Drill, "Ax" as in Axe.
    •  Before 1.2, the Drax was called Hamdrax, a portmanteau of hammer, drill and axe. Hammer power was 80% at that time.
    •  The hammer function was removed due to the hammers gaining the new ability to shape blocks they hit or remove background walls, which caused conflict with it's drill functionality that can remove blocks.
  • The pickaxe variant is called a Pickaxe Axe.
    • Both are the first available tools that can mine Chlorophyte Ore.
  • Although the Drax is surpassed by the Molten Hamaxe in terms of axe power, it has a much higher speed, allowing it to chop trees much more efficiently than almost any other wood-cutting tool.
  • The Drax can mine every block within its mining power range instantly except for Spikes, Mythril Ore, Orichalcum Ore, Adamantite Ore, Titanium Ore, Wooden Spikes, and blocks with vegetation on them, for which it takes a small delay.
  • The Drax cannot mine Lihzahrd Bricks because of insufficient pickaxe power. Once Golem is defeated, the only better drill is Laser Drill which may be hard to use, not to mention the more effective Picksaw.
  • Highest Prefix for Drax is "Godly".
  • The Drax has an extremely rare drop from Presents on the Mobile Edition.
  • The Drax can also be obtained in the mobile version's Shadow Chests, but it is also very rare (0.003% chance). This can make defeating the mechanical bosses easier as Chlorophyte Ore can be mined and more powerful weapons and armor can be crafted.
  • On Icon pc PC , crafting a Drax will award you the achievement Drax Attax.
    • Strangely, crafting a Pickaxe Axe also counts despite only the Drax is shown in the icon.

Update Info



  • Name changed from "Hamdrax" to "Drax". Can no longer function as a hammer.
  • Is no longer crafted with all 3 hardmode Drills and Chainsaws and all 3 boss Souls


  • Can no longer be reforged with size modifiers.


  • Added to the game.


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