Drills are pickaxe-type tools, used in the mining of dirt, stone, ores and other blocks.

The lowest Tier is the Cobalt Drill. When standing still, it has a range of 6 feet (3 blocks) above and below the player, and when hugging a wall, the range is 10 feet (5 blocks) in front of them. The Cobalt Drill is crafted using an Iron Anvil. However, to craft the rest of them, a Mythril Anvil is required. Please note that Drills cannot get a +speed modifier,so it won't be able to go faster (unless you have something that does +melee speed.) Also,Drills go slightly slower than Pickaxes.

Drill Damage Pickaxe Power Speed Materials to craft Can mine 
Item 385o Cobalt Drill 10 110% Fast (24) 15 Cobalt Bars Everything up to Mythril and Orichalcum
Item 1189(1) Palladium Drill 12 130% Fast (24) 18 Palladium Bars

Everything up to Mythril and Orichalcum

Item 386o Mythril Drill 15 150% Fast (24) 15 Mythril Bars

Can also break Adamantite and Titanium

Item 1196(1) Orichalcum Drill 17 165% Fast (24) 18 Orichalcum Bars Can also break Adamantite and Titanium
Item 388o Adamantite Drill 20 180% Fast (24) 18 Adamantite Bars Can mine everything up to Chlorophyte
Item 1203(1) Titanium Drill 27 190% Fast (24) 20 Titanium Bars Can mine everything up to Chlorophyte
Item 1231(1) Chlorophyte Drill 35 200% Fast (24) 18 Chlorophyte Bars Can mine everything but Lihzahrd Brick
Item 579o Drax 35 200%
(+ 110% Axe Power)
Fast (24)

18 Hallowed Bars

1 Soul of Fright

1 Soul of Might

1 Soul of Sight

Can mine everything but Lihzahrd Brick

Update Info


  • Palladium Drill can no longer mine Titanium and Adamantite.


  • Chlorophyte drill's power reduced from 210% to 200%


  • Hamdrax renamed to Drax, with its hammer features removed and its recipe changed.


  • Can no longer be reforged with size or knockback modifiers.


  • Added to the game.
Pickaxes & Drills
Standard Pickaxes
Terraria Copper Pickaxe Copper Pickaxe

Tin Pickaxe Tin Pickaxe

Terraria Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe

Lead Pickaxe Lead Pickaxe

Terraria Silver Pickaxe Silver Pickaxe

Tungsten Pickaxe Tungsten Pickaxe

Terraria Gold Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe

Platinum Pickaxe Platinum Pickaxe

Terraria Nightmare Pickaxe Nightmare Pickaxe

Item 798(1) Deathbringer Pickaxe

Terraria Molten Pickaxe Molten Pickaxe

Item 776(1) Cobalt Pickaxe

Item 1188(1) Palladium Pickaxe

Item 777(1) Mythril Pickaxe

Item 1195(1) Orichalcum Pickaxe

Item 778(1) Adamantite Pickaxe

Item 1202(1) Titanium Pickaxe

Item 1230(1) Chlorophyte Pickaxe

Item 1506(1) Spectre Pickaxe

Picksaw(1) Picksaw
Item 2781(0) Nebula Pickaxe Item 2786(0) Solar Flare Pickaxe Item 3466(0) Stardust Pickaxe Item 2776(0) Vortex Pickaxe

Cobalt Drill Cobalt Drill

Item 1189(1) Palladium Drill

Mythril Drill Mythril Drill

Item 1196(1) Orichalcum Drill

Adamantite Drill Adamantite Drill

Item 1203(1) Titanium Drill

Item 1231(1) Chlorophyte Drill

Hamdrax Drax

Item 2779(0) Nebula Drill Item 2784(0) Solar Flare Drill Item 3464(0) Stardust Drill Item 2774(0) Vortex Drill
Special Digging Tools
Cactus Pickaxe Cactus Pickaxe Bone Pickaxe(1) Bone Pickaxe Item 1917(0) Candy Cane Pickaxe Reaver Shark Reaver Shark
Item 990(1) Pickaxe Axe Shroomite Digging Claw Shroomite Digging Claw
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