The Dungeon Spirit is a monster that spawns when any monster with 100 HP or more is killed inside a Dungeon in Hard Mode after killing Plantera at 6.67% (1/15) chance. They are capable of moving through walls and will slowly chase the player until defeated. Strangely, Dungeon Spirit has a smaller chance of spawning during a Blood Moon.

As they are the only source of Ectoplasm, any caster should go hunt them as soon as possible since Ectoplasm is needed to craft Spectre Armor and Spectre Bars.


  • The Piranha Gun is an effective weapon against them. Once the Dungeon Spirit appears after defeating an enemy, the Piranha will immediately lock onto the Dungeon Spirit, killing it within seconds.
  • Sometimes the light pet Wisp can be confused with the Dungeon spirit.
  • It appears on the achievement Icon "Robbing The Grave", though the requirement is not associated with this enemy.

Update Info


  • Increased spawning chance. Statue-spawned enemies no longer spawn it.


  • Decreased spawning chance.


  • Decreased spawning chance. Max Ectoplasm drop reduced to 2.


  • Added to the game.


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