Adamantite Armor dyed black.


Adamantite Armor dyed teal.

Dyes are a material that can be used to change the color of items in armor or vanity slots.

Dyes are placed in a third item slot next to armor and vanity slots called "Dye". Placing a dye in the respective slot (i.e. helmet, body, and legs) will turn that part of armor into the color of the dye. Certain Strange Plant dyes can also add an animated effect. Dyes can be removed from the slot to return the armor/vanity items to their original colors. It is also possible to mix and match dyes, having certain pieces of armor different colors than others.


Dyes can be crafted at a Dye Vat, a crafting station purchased from the Dye Trader for 5 GoldCoin Small.

The Dye Vat works just like every other crafting station; stand over it with the necessary ingredients and click the dye you would like to make.



  • Dyes cannot change the color of a player's Familiar Clothes, except for the wig.
  • Dyes will still affect a transformed player (i.e.Moon Charm, Neptune's Shell, or Moon Shell).
  • Dyes do not drop when a medium core character dies.
  • There are 65 colors and conjoined sets of dyes.
  • Silver Dye and Brown Dye can be purchased from the Dye Trader for 1 GoldCoin Small, As well as Shadow Dye and Negative Dye.
  • All regular dyes Sell for 20 SilverCoin Small and have a Tier 1 Infobox rarity rating.
  • Dyes won't stop the transparency caused from wearing Spectre Armor.
  • Dye Ingredients are in the 3DS version, but are unable to get, since there is no Dye Section in the player inventory.
  • Dyes add no other benefit other than looking sick


The following dyes are crafted from raw materials. They do not require other dyes to be made. They all require the material listed at a Dye Vat.

Dye Image Ingredient(s) Ingredient Image Ingredient(s) Obtained From Dye ID
Team Dye Item 1969 Not Crafted. Bought from the Dye Trader N/A N/A 1969
Silver Dye Silver Dye Icon Not Crafted. Bought from the Dye Trader N/A N/A 1037
Brown Dye Item 2874 Not Crafted. Bought from the Dye Trader N/A N/A 2874
Red Dye Item 1007 Red Husk Item 1115 Obtained from the Cochineal Beetle 1007
Orange Dye Item 1008 Orange Bloodroot Item 1114 Found hanging from ceiling in the Underground biome 1008
Yellow Dye Item 1009 Yellow Marigold Item 1110 Found on grass in the Forest 1009
Lime Dye Item 1010 Lime Kelp Item 1112 Found on the ground in water 1010
Green Dye Item 1011 Green Mushroom Item 1108 Found on the ground in the Underground biome 1011
Teal Dye Item 1012 Teal Mushroom Item 1107 Found on the ground in the Underground biome 1012
Cyan Dye Item 1013 Cyan Husk Item 1116 Obtained from the Cyan Beetle 1013
Sky Blue Dye Item 1014 Sky Blue Flower Item 1109 Found on the ground in the Jungle 1014
Blue Dye Item 1015 Blue Berries Item 1111 Found on grass in the Forest 1015
Purple Dye Item 1016 Purple Mucos Item 1118 Obtained from Sea Snails 1016
Violet Dye Item 1017 Violet Husk Item 1115 Obtained from Las Beetles 1017
Pink Dye Item 1018 Pink Prickly Pear Item 1113 Found on Cacti in the Desert 1018
Black Dye Item 1050 Black Ink Item 1119 Obtained from Squids 1050

The following dyes are made from combining other dyes at a Dye Vat.

Dye Image Ingredient(s) Dye ID
Yellow Gradient Dye Item 1068 Yellow Dye, Lime, and Orange Dyes 1068
Cyan Gradient Dye Item 1069 Teal, Cyan, and Sky Blue Dyes 1069
Violet Gradient Dye Item 1070 Purple, Violet, and Pink Dyes 1070
Flame Dye Item 1031 Yellow, Red, and Orange Dyes 1031
Green Flame Dye Item 1033 Yellow, Lime, and Green Dyes 1033
Blue Flame Dye Item 1035 Cyan, Sky Blue, and Blue Dyes 1035
Rainbow Dye Item 1066 Yellow, Cyan, and Violet Gradient Dyes 1066
Brown and Silver Dye Item 2877 Brown and Silver Dyes 2877
Brown and Black Dye Item 2875 Brown and Black Dyes 2875

Bright Dyes can be made by combining silver dye to many others.

Dye Image Item ID
Bright Red Dye Item 1038 1038
Bright Orange Dye Item 1039 1039
Bright Yellow Dye Item 1040 1040
Bright Lime Dye Item 1041 1041
Bright Green Dye Item 1042 1042
Bright Teal Dye Item 1043 1043
Bright Cyan Dye Item 1044 1044
Bright Sky Blue Dye Item 1045 1045
Bright Blue Dye Item 1046 1046
Bright Purple Dye Item 1047 1047
Bright Violet Dye Item 1048 1048
Bright Pink Dye Item 1049 1049
Bright Brown Dye Item 2876 2876

The following are two dyes working to color the same item. They are combined into one working slot at a Dye Vat.

Dye Image Ingredient(s) Dye ID
Intense Flame Dye Item 1063 2x Flame Dyes 1063
Intense Green Flame Dye Item 1064 2x Green Flame Dyes 1064
Intense Blue Flame Dye Item 1065 2x Blue Flame Dyes 1065
Intense Rainbow Dye Item 1067 2x Rainbow Dyes 1067
"X" & Black/Silver

Many dyes can be added to either silver or black dyes to make a conjoined set.

X and Black Dye Image Item ID
Red and Black Dye Item 1019 1019
Orange and Black Dye Item 1020 1020
Yellow and Black Dye Item 1021 1021
Lime and Black Dye Item 1022 1022
Green and Black Dye Item 1023 1023
Teal and Black Dye Item 1024 1024
Cyan and Black Dye Item 1025 1025
Sky Blue and Black Dye Item 1026 1026
Blue and Black Dye Item 1027 1027
Purple and Black Dye Item 1028 1028
Violet and Black Dye Item 1029 1029
Pink and Black Dye Item 1030 1030
Flame and Black Dye Item 1032 1032
Green Flame and Black Dye Item 1034 1034
Blue Flame and Black Dye Item 1036 1036
X and Silver Dye Image Item ID
Red and Silver Dye Item 1051 1051
Orange and Silver Dye Item 1052 1052
Yellow and Silver Dye Item 1053 1053
Lime and Silver Dye Item 1054 1054
Green and Silver Dye Item 1055 1055
Teal and Silver Dye Item 1056 1056
Cyan and Silver Dye Item 1057 1057
Sky Blue and Silver Dye Item 1058 1058
Blue and Silver Dye Item 1059 1059
Purple and Silver Dye Item 1060 1060
Violet and Silver Dye Item 1061 1061
Pink and Silver Dye Item 1062 1062


Update Info


  • Dyes now are stackable.


  • Added to the game.