The Ebonstone Block is a type of block that comprises most of the Corruption. It can only be mined with the Nightmare Pickaxe or better. Dynamite and Bombs will also blow it up, however it can be difficult that way due to the fact that if you are going for a specific area, the bombs may not go where you want them to so you may want to make Sticky Bombs instead. Purification Powder will turn it into regular Stone blocks, while Holy Water will turn it into Pearlstone.


  • Placing a sufficient amount of Ebonstone Blocks (it can range from as much as 5 to 50 or more) causes the Eater of Souls to spawn as if it were a natural Corruption, so it is not advised as a normal building material. The more blocks placed, the greater chance that one will spawn. If one wishes to use such material, it's better off to turn them into Ebonstone Brick.

Mining Methods

  • Use Purification Powder bought from the Dryad to change Ebonstone to Stone and mine it with any pickaxe. (NOTE: This is only for players who have trouble getting over them)
  • Use dynamite or bombs from the Demolitionist to blow up the Ebonstone.
  • Mine it with a Nightmare Pickaxe or greater


There is a bug that causes the Ebonstone to have blue lines parallel to each other when in water.

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Update Info


  • Stack increased from 250 to 999


  • Once in Hardmode, Ebonstone can now spread Corruption

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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