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Desktop/Console/Mobile/Switch-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, Mobile, and Switch versions of Terraria.
For information about the NPCs' usage of emotes, see NPCs § Emotes.

The Emote Command system is a UI that allows players to emote. Emotes are small pictures in chat bubbles, that look similar to NPCs talking to each other, as shown on the right. They can be activated both from player inventory by clicking on the Emotes icon.png icon on the bottom right and from chat commands. Emoting in front of an NPC will initiate a "conversation" similar to NPC interactions. Emotes for bosses and events are unlocked as they are defeated or completed, respectively. In worlds with Corruption, the emote for the Brain of Cthulhu is unlocked after defeating the Eater of Worlds, and vice versa.

A player using the pickaxe emote.

List of Emotes[]


ID Name Command Image
0 Emotion Love /heart Emote Emotion Love.gif
1 Emotion Anger /angry Emote Emotion Anger.gif
2 Emotion Cry /cry Emote Emotion Cry.gif
3 Emotion Alert /alert Emote Emotion Alert.gif
15 Emote Laugh /laugh Emote Emote Laugh.gif
136 Emote Happiness /happy Emote Emote Happiness.gif
94 Emote Eating /hungry Emote Emote Eating.gif
16 Emote Fear /fear Emote Emote Fear.gif
135 Emote Anger /mad Emote Emote Anger.gif
134 Emote Sadness /sad Emote Emote Sadness.gif
137 Emote Wink /wink Emote Emote Wink.gif
138 Emote Scowl /scowl Emote Emote Scowl.gif
139 Emote Silly /silly Emote Emote Silly.gif
17 Emote Note /music Emote Emote Note.gif
87 Emote Confused /confused Emote Emote Confused.gif
88 Emote Kiss /kiss Emote Emote Kiss.gif
89 Emote Sleep /sleep Emote Emote Sleep.gif
91 Emote Run /run Emote Emote Run.gif
92 Emote Kick /kicking Emote Emote Kick.gif
93 Emote Fight /fight Emote Emote Fight.gif
8 Debuff Poison /poison Emote Debuff Poison.gif
9 Debuff Burn /burn Emote Debuff Burn.gif
10 Debuff Silence /silent Emote Debuff Silence.gif
11 Debuff Curse /curse Emote Debuff Curse.gif
14 Misc Tree /tree Emote Misc Tree.gif
100 Misc Fire /fire Emote Misc Fire.gif

Rock, Paper, Scissors![]

ID Name Command Image
36 RPS Scissors /scissors Emote RPS Scissors.gif
37 RPS Rock /rock Emote RPS Rock.gif
38 RPS Paper /paper Emote RPS Paper.gif
33 RPS Win Scissors /scissorswins Emote RPS Win Scissors.gif
34 RPS Win Rock /rockwins Emote RPS Win Rock.gif
35 RPS Win Paper /paperwins Emote RPS Win Paper.gif


ID Name Command Image
7 Item Ring /ring Emote Item Ring.gif
73 Item Life Potion /lifepotion Emote Item Life Potion.gif
74 Item Mana Potion /manapotion Emote Item Mana Potion.gif
75 Item Soup /soup Emote Item Soup.gif
76 Item Cooked Fish /cookedfish Emote Item Cooked Fish.gif
131 Item Beer /beer Emote Item Beer.gif
77 Item Ale[1] /ale Emote Item Ale.gif
78 Item Sword /sword Emote Item Sword.gif
79 Item Fishing Rod /fishingrod Emote Item Fishing Rod.gif
80 Item Bug Net /bugnet Emote Item Bug Net.gif
81 Item Dynamite /dynamite Emote Item Dynamite.gif
82 Item Minishark /minishark Emote Item Minishark.gif
83 Item Cog /cog Emote Item Cog.gif
84 Item Tombstone /tombstone Emote Item Tombstone.gif
85 Item Goldpile /goldpile Emote Item Goldpile.gif
86 Item Diamond Ring /diamondring Emote Item Diamond Ring.gif
90 Item Pickaxe /pickaxe Emote Item Pickaxe.gif
132 Item Defender Medal /defendermedal Emote Item Defender Medal.gif
126 Party Present /present Emote Party Present.gif
127 Party Balloons /balloon Emote Party Balloons.gif
128 Party Cake /cake Emote Party Cake.gif
129 Party Hat /partyhat Emote Party Hats.gif

Nature & Weather[]

ID Name Command Image
22 Biome Space /sky Emote Biome Sky.gif
23 Biome Forest /surface Emote Biome Otherworld.gif
24 Biome Jungle /jungle Emote Biome Jungle.gif
25 Biome Crimson /crimson Emote Biome Crimson.gif
26 Biome Corruption /corruption Emote Biome Corruption.gif
27 Biome Hallow /hallow Emote Biome Hallow.gif
28 Biome Desert /desert Emote Biome Desert.gif
29 Biome Beach /beach Emote Biome Beach.gif
30 Biome Underground /rockbiome Emote Biome Rocklayer.gif
31 Biome Underworld /lavabiome Emote Biome Lavalayer.gif
32 Biome Snow /snow Emote Biome Snow.gif
18 Event Blood Moon /bloodmoon Emote Event Bloodmoon.gif
19 Event Solar Eclipse /eclipse Emote Event Eclipse.gif
20 Event Pumpkin Moon /pumpkinmoon Emote Event Pumpkin.gif
21 Event Frost Moon /frostmoon Emote Event Snow.gif
99 Event Meteor /meteor Emote Event Meteor.gif
4 Weather Rain /rain Emote Weather Rain.gif
5 Weather Lightning /lightning Emote Weather Lightning.gif
6 Weather Rainbow /rainbow Emote Weather Rainbow.gif
95 Weather Sunny /sunny Emote Weather Sunny.gif
96 Weather Cloudy /cloudy Emote Weather Cloudy.gif
97 Weather Storming /storming Emote Weather Storming.gif
98 Weather Blizzard /blizzard Emote Weather Snowstorm.gif


ID Name Command Image
101 Town Merchant /merchant Emote Town Merchant.gif
102 Town Nurse /nurse Emote Town Nurse.gif
103 Town Arms Dealer /armsdealer Emote Town Arms Dealer.gif
104 Town Dryad /dryad Emote Town Dryad.gif
105 Town Guide /guide Emote Town Guide.gif
106 Town Oldman /oldman Emote Town Oldman.gif
107 Town Demolitionist /demo Emote Town Demolitionist.gif
108 Town Clothier /clothier Emote Town Clothier.gif
109 Town Goblin Tinkerer /tinkerer Emote Town Goblin Tinkerer.gif
110 Town Wizard /wizard Emote Town Wizard.gif
111 Town Mechanic /mechanic Emote Town Mechanic.gif
112 Town Santa /santa Emote Town Santa.gif
113 Town Truffle /truffle Emote Town Truffle.gif
114 Town Steampunker /steampunker Emote Town Steampunker.gif
115 Town Dye Trader /dyetrader Emote Town Dye Trader.gif
116 Town Party Girl /partygirl Emote Town Party Girl.gif
117 Town Cyborg /cyborg Emote Town Cyborg.gif
118 Town Painter /painter Emote Town Painter.gif
119 Town Witch Doctor /witchdoctor Emote Town Witch Doctor.gif
120 Town Pirate /pirate Emote Town Pirate.gif
121 Town Stylist /stylist Emote Town Stylist.gif
122 Town Traveling Merchant /travelingmerchant Emote Town Travelling Merchant.gif
123 Town Angler /angler Emote Town Angler.gif
124 Town Skeleton Merchant /skeletonmerchant Emote Town Skeleton Merchant.gif
125 Town Tax Collector /taxcollector Emote Town Tax Collector.gif
130 Town Tavernkeep /bartender Emote Town Bartender.gif
140 Town Golfer /golfer Emote Town Golfer.gif
141 Town Zoologist /zoologist Emote Town Bestiary Girl.gif
142 Town Zoologist Fox /zoologistfox Emote Town Bestiary Girl Fox.gif
145 Town Princess /princess Emote Town Princess.gif

Critters & Monsters[]

ID Name Command Image Unlock condition
12 Critter Bee /bee Emote Critter Bee.gif
13 Critter Slime /slime Emote Critter Slime.gif
61 Critter Zombie /zombie Emote Critter Zombie.gif
62 Critter Bunny /bunny Emote Critter Bunny.gif
63 Critter Butterfly /butterfly Emote Critter Butterfly.gif
67 Critter Spider /spider Emote Critter Spider.gif
68 Critter Bird /bird Emote Critter Bird.gif
69 Critter Mouse /mouse Emote Critter Mouse.gif
70 Critter Goldfish /goldfish Emote Critter Goldfish.gif
72 Critter Skeleton /skeleton Emote Critter Skeleton.gif
64 Critter Goblin /goblin Emote Critter Goblin.gif Goblin Army defeated
66 Critter Snowman /snowman Emote Critter Snowman.gif Frost Moon defeated
65 Critter Pirate /deadeye Emote Critter Pirate.gif Pirate Invasion defeated
71 Critter Martian /martian Emote Critter Martian.gif Martian Madness defeated


ID Name Command Image Unlock condition
39 Boss Eye of Cthulhu /eoc Emote Boss EoC.gif Eye of Cthulhu defeated
40 Boss Eater of Worlds /eow Emote Boss EoW.gif Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu defeated
41 Boss Brain of Cthulhu /boc Emote Boss BoC.gif Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu defeated
51 Boss King Slime /kingslime Emote Boss King Slime.gif King Slime defeated
42 Boss Queen Bee /queenbee Emote Boss Queen Bee.gif Queen Bee defeated
43 Boss Skeletron /skeletron Emote Boss Skeletron.gif Skeletron defeated
44 Boss Wall of Flesh /wof Emote Boss WoF.gif Wall of Flesh defeated
144 Boss Queen Slime /queenslime Emote Boss Queen Slime.gif Queen Slime defeated
45 Boss The Destroyer /destroyer Emote Boss Destroyer.gif The Destroyer defeated
46 Boss Skeletron Prime /skeletronprime Emote Boss Skeletron Prime.gif Skeletron Prime defeated
47 Boss The Twins /twins Emote Boss Twins.gif The Twins defeated
48 Boss Plantera /plantera Emote Boss Plantera.gif Plantera defeated
49 Boss Golem /golem Emote Boss Golem.gif Golem defeated
50 Boss Duke Fishron /fishron Emote Boss Fishron.gif Duke Fishron defeated
143 Boss Empress of Light /eol Emote Boss Empress Of Light.gif Empress of Light defeated
52 Boss Lunatic Cultist /cultist Emote Boss Cultist.gif Lunatic Cultist defeated
53 Boss Moon Lord /moonlord Emote Boss Moonmoon.gif Moon Lord defeated
54 Boss Mourning Wood /mourningwood Emote Boss Mourning Wood.gif Mourning Wood defeated
55 Boss Pumpking /pumpking Emote Boss Pumpking.gif Pumpking defeated
56 Boss Everscream /everscream Emote Boss Everscream.gif Everscream defeated
57 Boss Ice Queen /icequeen Emote Boss Ice Queen.gif Ice Queen defeated
58 Boss Santa-NK1 /santank Emote Boss Santank.gif Santa-NK1 defeated
59 Boss Flying Dutchman /pirateship Emote Boss Pirateship.gif Flying Dutchman defeated
60 Boss Martian Saucer /martianship Emote Boss Martianship.gif Martian Saucer defeated
133 Event Old Ones Army /oldonesarmy Emote Event Old Ones Army.gif Old One's Army defeated at any difficulty

Don't Starve Emotes []

Name Image Notes
Lucy the Axe Emote Lucy The Axe.gif Appears when Lucy the Axe communicates with the player.
Peckish Emote Peckish.gif Only appears in The Constant worlds, when the player is Peckish.
Hungry Emote Hungry.gif Only appears in The Constant worlds, when the player is Hungry.
Starving Emote Starving.gif Only appears in The Constant worlds, when the player is Starving.


  • The player can use emotes they have not unlocked through the command line. It is unknown if this is intended.
  • The Kobold enemy from the Old One's Army can use the "Alert" emote.


  • Desktop Changed the Empress of Light's Emote Command from empressoflight to eol to match other boss emotes.


  1. Only appears in the menu on the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and Nintendo Switch version Nintendo Switch version, but can still be used via chat commands on the !!Error: {{eversions}}: No valid parameters were entered!.