The Enchanted Boomerang is a unique ranged weapon that can be fired rapidly at a medium distance.

The Enchanted Boomerang returns after reaching its maximum distance or colliding with an object, and can then be thrown again. While in the air, it releases blue, purple and yellow small sparks that fly through walls and give off light, allowing the player to check for things deep in distant walls without having to stand near them.

While it will generally only strike one enemy if it collides with one on its initial forward path, it will strike through all enemies in its return path and still knock them all back considerably, making it useful for dealing with hordes of enemies if aimed strategically.

This item can be found in naturally spawned Chests.

An Enchanted Boomerang can be upgraded into the Flamarang with 10 Hellstone Bars, a more powerful boomerang weapon.

There is a bug where if you jump right next to a wall and throw the boomerang, it will go through the wall. This will also work with any other boomerang.


  • A very useful tool for clearing large amounts of monsters out at once. Aiming for just above the group so that it flies over their heads will cause the Boomerang to sweep downwards for its return, striking through them on the return path. In addition to damaging the entire mob at once, it will also knock them back with several times the force of a normal hit.
  • The Enchanted Boomerang can also be used for the task of cave hopping by throwing it at a cave wall. The light particles can be used to find naturally-occurring caves hidden behind walls. Another similar technique is to throw one, and then go behind any wall. The boomerang will go through the wall on return, thus helping reveal hidden ores.
  • Also, if angled correctly (slightly below the character's waist), then it can go through one-block thick walls. This is useful for hitting mobs outside a house, but is limited as it can only be thrown at a certain angle. It can also be thrown through doors this way.


  • This Boomerang resembles the one used by Link in the popular video game series "The Legend of Zelda".
  • There is a "glitch" where an enchanted boomerang can go through a door if it hits the door around its limit of range.

Update Info


  • Now deals melee damage.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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