This article is about the enemy. For the weapon, see Enchanted Sword (Weapon).

The Enchanted Sword is an enemy found in the Underground Hallow upon reaching Hard Mode. It attacks by flying at the player after briefly spinning in place, though it will restart its spinning animation upon taking damage from any source. This enemy has 200 health, 80 attack, and can inflict the "Cursed" Debuff, along with going through solid blocks.

Enchanted Sword Monster Terraria HERO

Enchanted Sword Monster Terraria HERO

If the player continuously attacks the Enchanted Sword, then it will offer no resistance due to its spinning animation constantly restarting and preventing it from flying towards the player. To this end, any fast weapon with the "Autoreuse" property will be effective against these monsters.


  • This enemy is the Hallowed version of the Corruption's Cursed Hammer and the Crimson's Crimson Axe, as it has the same AI, stats, and abilities.


  • This monster shares a sprite with the weapon Excalibur.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.