This article is about the weapon. For the enemy, see Enchanted Sword.

The Enchanted Sword (Weapon) is a weapon found in the Underground, or in enchanted shrines. It is capable of shooting a bolt that can do the same amount of damage as the sword, but it does not use up mana. This weapon is similar in nature to the Beam Sword, and can be considered a pre-hardmode version of it.

To find the Enchanted Sword underground, the player must search for a destructible object that looks like the Sword in the Stone. There are two versions of this and only one version will drop this weapon.


  • The Enchanted Sword can be considered the weakest version of all sword beams.
  • Its coloration is similar to Enchanted Boomerang.
  • While the sword itself can be used once every 19 frames, the beam fired can only be fired once every 60 frames.
  • As of 1.3, you can now find "Enchanted Shrines", single tile holes near the surface that lead to a flower wall cave with a breakable background sprite with either a possible Enchanted Sword, Arkhalis, or "fake" sword embedded in it.
  • The Enchanted Sword is one of the best pre-hardmode swords. Followed by Light's Bane/Blood Butcherer and Muramasa. But still behind Night's Edge, the best sword in pre-hardmode.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.