Enchanted Sword Shrine

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File:Enchanted Sword Shrine.png
An Enchanted Sword Shrine
Breakable Background
Sword Sprites
Enchanted Sword comparison.png
Fake (left), real (right)

The Enchanted Sword Shrine is one of the mini-biome treasure rooms added in 1.3 which houses an Enchanted Sword, the Arkhalis or a fake sword. Every shrine will contain one breakable background sword sprite, which has a 2/3 chance of being a fake sword and a 1/3 chance of being a real sword, which has a 1/10 chance of dropping the Arkhalis, instead of the Enchanted Sword, when destroyed.

The Shrine can generate below any biome that has a surface layer made of dirt and stone, at least 20% of the map width away from the center of the map. It will generate 100 - 200 feet below 1/4 of map height (from the top of the map), which makes its distance from the actual surface hard to predict. There will always be 1 shrine on small worlds, 3 shrines on medium worlds and 4 shrines on large worlds.

File:For wiki.PNG
A shrine as seen through a map editor - note that while the stem does come up, it does not quite breach the surface.

It is marked by a very long, narrow natural tunnel which reaches the surface, and features a small hill with flower walls and pools of water on either side, upon which the sword rests. The tunnel leads perfectly straight up from the sword and varies between 1 to 3 blocks in width as it goes. The top of the tunnel can occasionally open up several blocks beneath the surface making it very difficult to see. (Additionally these tunnels can go straight through living trees making a long irregular line through the majority of the tree) This makes light producing weapons like the Dark Lance, Starfury or Flamelash useful for locating the entrance.


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