The world of Terraria consists of nine officially mentioned areas as of now.



Forests spawn trees and are generally calm and sunny.

Forests can spawn small and large trees, but one can only replant small trees using acorns dropped by trees. There are many natural caves in forests.



Large sandy areas can sometimes be generated. Nothing is really special about them because they are completely barren. They have the same monsters as forests.


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The underground consists of two layers: the dirt layer and the stone layer. Ores, pots, and chests can be found throughout. Water is a common sight anywhere underground. Demonic Altars can be found within these layers, however it is a very rare occurrence. Lava becomes common near the bottom of the stone layer.


Chests may contain:

Pots may contain:

Underground Jungles

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A very remote area of the world, residing deep underground, these areas are normally plant infested, and like dungeons, have little dead ends, and have many items hidden away in them, one of which is the Ivy Whip.


The Underworld

Main article: The Underworld

A lava-filled, monster-infested hell. Below the stone layer. This is the, as for now, lowest layer in Terraria.


The Corruption

Main article: The Corruption

The Corruption spawns higher-level monsters at all times of the day and should be avoided initially. Corruption is special because it will override nearby dirt blocks to spread, unless the dirt block has a sunflower on it. Chasms, Demon Altars, and Shadow Orbs can be found here. Corrupted areas can be cleared with Purification Powder.




A fallen Meteorite.

After smashing a Shadow Orb, a Meteorite will crash into the planet. It is a small area, but should be avoided by lower-level players. The Meteorite itself is made of Meteorite ore, a high-level material that harms the player on contact.



Dungeons are enourmous buildings found at the edge of a generated world, spanning many layers deep. They're filled with treasure chests, and unique items, such as water candles and books, all of which are spread evenly (chests further down in the dungeons don't necessarily have better loot). Dungeons are vertical, underground towers, with lots of tunnels branching off the main tower, and are difficult to traverse without grappling hooks or other special items. They are made of a special brick, whose colour is determined at world generation. Thus, each world has a differently coloured dungeon. Unique enemies spawn in large amounts to guard the many precious treasures. The Skeletron boss must be defeated to enter the dungeon.

According to the Production Assistant 'Blue'; there are over 20 different dungeon colours, which are random in each world you create.

Attempting to enter the dungeon without defeating The Old Man (Skeletron) will cause the player to suffer a penalty of death.


Chests may contain:

Floating Islands

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Floating Islands are mass of lands that appear in the sky. Just like in forests, you can find trees and grass growing over dirt blocks, with some stones and ores in the ground. They usually have a building made with ore bricks with a chest inside. The monsters that spawn here are the same as the ones from the forest. It can be found at 70~120 blocks above the ground.

Chests may contain:

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