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You know, these Etherian Goblins are nothing like my people. Really rowdy bunch. Not that my people are much better...

The Goblin Tinkerer

The Etherian Goblin is an enemy from the Old One's Army event, being the most common throughout most of the waves. It attacks by slowly approaching its target, hacking away with its weapon upon contact. Like many other enemies from the event, its appearance and stats change, depending on what point in the game the player has reached.

If an Etherian Goblin's target is too far away or obstructed, it will enter an ethereal state, allowing it to pass through tiles. It is also unaffected by Teleporters or Lava.

The Etherian Goblin requires 1000 kills to be awarded with its corresponding banner, as opposed to the usual 50 kills. The banner does not increase the damage the player deals nor does it decrease the damage the player receives.



  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Etherian Goblin: "A unique goblin species from Etheria, they are not related Terrarian goblins. The ferocious footsoldiers of the Old One's Army."

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