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Etherian Mana
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TooltipOften used to manifest one's will as a physical form of defense
RarityRarity level: 0

Etherian Mana is used to summon Towers and Traps in the Old One's Army event. It has a high chance to be dropped by all of the Old One's Army event enemies. Each wave will produce Etherian Mana in multiples of ten - after receiving a starting amount of ten when activating the Eternia Crystal, each wave will produce either 20 or 30 Etherian Mana. Each Tavernkeep's sentry costs 10 Etherian Mana/Use, so conserving Etherian Mana and developing a strategy is key to the event. This item will disappear after the invasion has ended, along with all event enemies.


  • In Multiplayer, the amount of Etherian Mana dropped will increase based on the number of players.
  • It is possible to keep the Etherian Mana by placing it in a chest (do not open it again if the event isn't in progress or it'll be lost) before the Old One's Army event ends.
  • In 1.4 it's possible to contain Etherian Mana inside any of the "Portable" Storage Items (Piggy Bank, Safe, Defender's Forge, Void Vault) as long as the chosen container is not opened if the event isn't active.
    • The Money Trough and Void Bag work for accessing the related storage during the event, if you don't want to place a permanent item.
    • Mana will not automatically be placed into the Void Bag if you come near it with a full inventory - it will remain on the ground.
    • Additionally, a regular chest will work (as it did prior to if the world is in Multiplayer.
    • Placing Etherian Mana in an item frame allows it to be preserved while decreasing the likelihood that you will accidentally erase it, although this can be a tedious and space-inefficient method.
  • In the game code, prior to 1.3.5, its name was "its an ammo technically!". Because the actual name was stored in a separate file, this wouldn't display.
  • Etherian Mana is one of the only items that cannot be researched in Journey Mode. As such, it cannot be duplicated, the "research [number] more to unlock duplication" tooltip is not displayed, and the researching UI will show an X when it's put in the slot.

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  • Desktop Can no longer be kept in containers between two Old One's Army events.
  • Desktop Can no longer be kept in the trash slot between two Old One's Army events.