The Everscream is a boss that spawns during the Frost Moon event comparable to the Mourning Wood from its behaviors and the spawn time. It is a pine tree with red glowing eyes and Christmas ornaments hung on it. Everscreams appear in the fourth wave and all the waves after until the Event ends. Like all other mobs in the Frost Moon, its loot becomes easier to obtain when it is killed in a higher wave. 

The Everscream attacks by throwing ornaments that are affected by gravity, and it fires pine needles from the main body of the tree. The ornaments don't just stay on one spot and disappear like the Mourning Wood's Greek Fire, but they roll on the ground first, and after a certain time, they will explode and put out the broken ornament pieces before disappearing.


  • While it is sending out ornaments, do not touch the ground. Attacking it on the air while they send out the ornaments is a good opportunity to attack it without receiving damage.
  • Do not attack in an enclosed area as the pine needles can go through blocks, and Everscreams can too, causing a quick death. Attacking it in open areas is recommended.
  • Arenas with a one block thick layer of lava are an effective tactic against Everscreams.
  • Rockets are good attacking the Everscream, mainly the stinger from golem.


  • The Everscream's name is a portmanteau of the words "evergreen" and "scream". Evergreen describes a type of tree that keeps its leaves throughout the seasons (including winter), and are often used as Christmas decorations in the Northern Hemisphere.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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