Expert Mode is a world option added in 1.3. Enabling Expert Mode increases the difficulty of a world by altering enemy AI, upping the health of monsters and bosses, and more. All participating players in multiplayer will earn a Treasure Bag for defeating bosses. This mode can be very challenging to new players so it is recommended to play normal mode first. This mode should not be underestimated.

World Changes

Mobs & AI

  • All monsters have double to triple HP and attack, as well as having different AI. Also, there's a slight chance to spawn in bigger sizes than usual, getting more HP and stats in the process.
  • Some mobs can inflict new debuffs, such as the bats. This also applies to ice monsters who gain an additional slight chance to freeze the player.
  • Enemies have a slightly higher chance to spawn in towns, even with Happy's buff received from nearby Sunflowers.
  • Enemies can pick up dropped money, glow with the specific money color, and run away with it, often resulting in the money disappearing due to despawns. However, killing the monster will gain back the money.
  • Bosses have extra health, new AI, extra damage, and will drop Treasure Bags.


  • The player will drop 75% of your money upon death.
  • It will take longer to respawn after you die, especially while a boss is active.
  • Health regeneration is slower unless you are under the Well Fed Buff.
  • Vampire Knives and Spectre Armor healing is lowered.
  • Boss health scales depending on the amount of players.
  • Pots now drop more items when broken and different items.
  • Angler Quests reward more cash.
  • Developer-reserved items, like Red's Wings are attainable as vanity sets from treasure bags and do not cause debuffs when worn.
  • Stepping in water while in a snow biome will apply the debuff Chilled.

Boss Changes

Exclusive Items

Image AccessoryDropped by
Item 3097
Shield of Cthulhu Eye of Cthulhu
Item 3223
Brain of Confusion Brain of Cthulhu
Item 3224
Worm Scarf Eater of Worlds
Item 3090
Royal Gel King Slime
Item 3245
Bone Glove Skeletron
Item 3333
Hive Pack Queen Bee
Item 3367
Shrimpy Truffle Duke Fishron
Item 3335
Demon Heart Wall of Flesh
Item 3356
Mechanical Battery Piece Skeletron Prime
Item 3354
Mechanical Wheel Piece The Twins
Item 3355
Mechanical Wagon Piece The Destroyer
Item 3336
Spore Sac Plantera
Item 3337
Shiny Stone Golem
Item 3577
Suspicious Looking Tentacle Moon Lord
Item 1131
Gravity Globe Moon Lord


  • Be sure to get good armor, food, potions (Ironskin and Regeneration Potion can help a lot since they can be easily obtained early), and lots of Heart Crystals before fighting any Boss. Their new AI tricks can be very deadly to the unsuspecting player. In any case, only Plantera seems to behave differently from other Hard Mode bosses.
  • In order to get quick armor, there are 2 ways:
    • Fishing This activity can be incredibly useful in general terms as it doesn't only allow you to farm Platinum or Tungsten, but also rewards you with a chance to fish a Reaver Shark (100% pickaxe power, the same amount that Molten Pickaxe provides), as well as decent weapons to start with.
    • Extractinator This method isn't as quick as fishing, but mixing both activities (fishing during the daylight; gathering Fossils, Silt or Slush at the night) can help you to avoid monotony, as well as having a chance to farm Amber, an ingredient for Crate Potion.
  • Protect your NPCs as monsters can kill them quicker, especially in Hard Mode, where weak monster stats start scaling upwards. In addition, it is suggested to have a spawn point near to the Nurse for quick healing (note that some bosses will despawn after teleporting between far distances; this being said, take your time to set your strategical place making use of Queen Statue to teleport your Nurse within a safe area).
  • It is recommended to have Campfires and Heart Lanterns near your home and/or battle area for better regeneration.
  • Don't walk around with a lot of cash since you could lose 75% of it permanently.
  • Make sure to put blocks near your doors, so that monsters can't enter.
  • Break all the pots: they drop more loot.
  • Do not underestimate the dodging power of the Shield of Cthulhu: its dash makes you briefly invulnerable to melee collision damage - which can be very useful in skilled hands against monsters and bosses alike, alongside the obvious ability to quickly dash away from a deadly projectile.
  • It is recommended to play on a Corruption world instead of a Crimson world, as the Worm Scarf is generally more useful than the Brain of Confusion.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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