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Exploding Bullet
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Knockback6.6 (Strong)
TooltipExplodes on impact
Projectile created
  • Explosive Bullet
    Explosive Bullet

Exploding Bullets are one of 6 types of craftable ammunition using Empty Bullets for bullet-firing weapons. They may be crafted at a Work Bench once the Arms Dealer begins to sell Empty Bullets after Hard mode has been enabled.

They explode on contact with an enemy or terrain, causing damage and Knockback to all enemies in a small area and through walls. On a direct hit, the explosion and the projectile itself deal damage separately, doubling its damage.

The cost of a stack of 50 Exploding Bullets is 13 50, which is 27 per round. The cost of crafting 1000 rounds of ammunition (20 stacks of 50) is 2 70.



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  • The explosion can damage the player if they are too close to the impact point. When using strong enough weapons, self damage could reach over 250 hits points, though the damage to others is just as devastating.
  • Like all explosive weapons, explosive bullets can damage enemies through walls, given the impact point is close enough to their position.
  • When fired in rapid succession from certain guns, (most prominently the Clockwork Assault Rifle) Exploding Bullets may sometimes pass through enemies causing no damage, and not detonate until striking another enemy or terrain. (This also occurs with Hellfire Arrows.) This is due to how explosive and piercing projectiles work.


  • Exploding Bullets are reasonably powerful Bullets with a small area of effect and strong Knockback, making them good for engaging large groups of enemies.
  • One must be especially careful using Exploding Bullets up close, since it will damage the player. This is especially dangerous with the Sniper Rifle since one can easily kill themselves in 2 hits.
  • Due to the AoE of the explosive bullet, it is especially effective against segmented enemies, such as worms.
  • Like most explosives, when the bullet explodes on a surface particles will fall, lighting up the ground beneath it, which is very useful for locating ores and caves.
  • Exploding Bullets can be extremely useful in early Hardmode, as they are easy to obtain and possess exceptional knockback.
  • The Tactical Shotgun works incredibly well with these, effectively clearing out large, compact groups very quickly.


  • 1.2: Introduced.