This article is about the item group. For the item, see Explosives (item).

Explosives are special weapons that deal a large amount of damage. All explosive weapons will damage every unit inside the explosion radius, including the user. This also includes other players on the server, even if they are not engaged in PvP.

The explosives that can be crafted are the Sticky Bomb, Sticky Grenade and the Explosives block; the others can only be purchased from the Demolitionist. Bombs are frequently found inside pots underground while Dynamite can be found in some chests.

At least one type of explosive needs to be obtained before the Demolitionist NPC is able to appear.

Dying from an explosive will cause a player to spawn with max HP and without any loss of money. This is intentional.

Dynamite and 'Explosives' Are able to destroy almost all blocks (the indestructible blocks being Adamantite Ore, Mythril Ore, Cobalt Ore, Pink Brick, Blue Brick, Green Brick, which also cannot be destroyed on the Console Ports). Spikes can also be destroyed with explosives. Additionally, all walls can be destroyed.

Explosives Break Down

Type Damage Purchase cost/
Sell Value Stack size Yield Description
~14 Drops from Queen Bee, crafted with 1 Grenade and 1 Bee Wax 4 CopperCoin Small 999 Tiny Upon exploding, a swarm of Bees are released, which will follow the nearest enemy. Weak knock Back. Will not harm user.
Molotov BG
Molotov Cocktail
~40 Crafted with 1 Silk, 1 Ale, 1 Torch, and 1 Pink Gel 15 CopperCoin Small 99 Tiny Upon exploding, it creates a small burst of fire which spreads flames over an area and sets enemies on fire. The spread fire will not damage the thrower.

Item 168.(0)

~60 4 SilverCoin Small 15 CopperCoin Small 99 Tiny Explodes after 4 seconds or on impact with an enemy, does not break anything. Strong knock Back.

Item 166(0)

~100 3 SilverCoin Small 1 SilverCoin Small 100 Small Explodes after a period of time. Can break almost all materials.

Item 235(0)
Sticky Bomb

~100 Crafted with 1 Bomb and 1 gel 1 SilverCoin Small 100 Moderate Sticks on surfaces. Explodes after a period of time. Can break almost all materials.

Item 167(0)

~250 1 GoldCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small 30 SilverCoin Small 30 Large Thrown. Can break almost all materials.

Item 580(0)

530 Crafted with 3 Dynamite and 1 Wire N/A 999 Huge Can be placed. Explodes when activated. Can break almost all materials.


Explosives Comparison

Comparison of the damage caused by different kinds of explosive items.