Fallen Stars are items which randomly fall from the sky at night.

Terraria How to get Mana

Terraria How to get Mana


Falling Stars spawn at the top of the world and rapidly fall to the ground. They can be easily found by the light they give off and the distinctive sound they make as they fall. They deal 1000 base damage on the rare occasions that they impact enemies as they are falling, though they will not damage players. However, this happens so rarely and unpredictably that relying on it to happen, for example to help defeat a boss, is not a viable strategy.

Fallen Stars glow in a pulsing pattern like Blinkroot, but are about as bright as a Torch. The light they give off glows through a short spectrum of colors; mainly yellow and pink.

Fallen Stars can be crafted to make a Mana Crystal, which increases a player's maximum mana by 20 when used. Additionally, they are used as ammo for the Star Cannon, a high-damage ranged weapon. Stars launched by the cannon will not vanish in the day.


  • The Fallen Star will not vanish if you store it in a storage container or holding it in the inventory. Therefore, if attempting to use them during daylight, do not throw them out, because they will vanish.
  • One of the best ways to collect Fallen Stars is to build a giant Skybridge and run along it at night while wearing Hermes Boots. Beware of flying enemies though.
  • When falling, they appear to be spinning.
  • Fallen Stars that are still falling during the day will disappear immediately upon striking the ground instead of vanishing mid-air.
  • When using a Fallen Star as an item, it makes the same sound as a Mana Crystal.
  • Most items stack up to 99, but Fallen Stars can stack up to 100.


  • Sometimes, if a Falling Star hits a vertical pillar of blocks and not the ground, the Fallen Star created may float in midair rather than falling to the ground.
  • Icon mobile On the iOS terraria, tapping a fallen star during daytime will cause it to freeze where you were when you tapped it, unable to be collected. Note that it doesn't disappear after a while after it is stuck.Verify
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 On the Console Version of Terraria, if a player has 100 PlatinumCoin Small in their inventory, they are converted into a fallen star.Verify


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