The Fire Imp is a mage found in The Underworld. Fire Imps will teleport around and shoot a spell called Burning Sphere at the player. Burning Spheres travel through walls and can be destroyed if at least 1 damage is applied against them. Fire Imps' attack pattern is identical to that of Dark Casters and Goblin Sorcerers. If a player touches a fire imp, they will take damage as if they were burned. The Obsidian Skull does not affect this.

Using the Demon Scythe is a very effective way to deal with Fire Imps, as the Demon Scythe generates around the player, making a shield and then launches into the imp.

They cannot spawn in tunnels three blocks high by two blocks wide. They can spawn on platforms but platforms do not count as a ceiling. If one tunnels deep enough with no open spaces around they will stop spawning altogether. This is an effective way to mine Hellstone ore very quickly at the bottom of the map.

Fire Imps shoot three burning spheres then pause for a second before teleporting and repeating, which continues until it dies or despawns. In addition, they will teleport early if they have been attacked. They will occasionally teleport on top of a player, dealing damage. While being attacked or falling through lava, they are unable to teleport or shoot. As of the 1.0.5 update, Fire Imps are immune to lava.

Fire Imps are annoying to deal with in the Underworld. It is recommended to bring a Cobalt Shield, which removes knockback, and/or an Obsidian Skull, and if not either, an Obsidian Skin Potion. Any of these help so that you can easily maneuver around without being hurt by a Hellstone. A good weapon to fight Fire Imps in groups is the Vilethorn, since it goes through walls, constantly deals damage, and keeps them from teleporting or casting Burning Spheres.

As of update 1.0.4, Burning Spheres no longer drop hearts or coins. Also, Burning Spheres can be blocked by using any flail besides the Harpoon by holding down the attacking mouse button. This has a barrier-like effect on the spheres, but the spheres can still hit you from some angles.

Fire imps have an uncommon spawn rate and shoot slower as of the 1.0.5 update.

Imps used to drop the Flower of Fire, but as of the 1.0.6 update, they no longer do.


  • Due to the Fire Imp's ability to teleport, a player can lure the Imp to the surface by using a Grappling Hook, or other device to quickly ascend while the Imp is following the player.
  • The Fire Imp may be a reference to the imp enemy in the game Doom, as they are both fireball-shooting demons.
  • The Fire imp has a rare drop that resembles the hat owned by the Nintendo character, Mario.

Update Info



  • Longer delay was added between the end of the three-shot volley and the Fire Imp's teleport.
  • No longer damaged by lava.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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