Fireblossom Seeds can be found in hell when harvesting Fireblossom. Only a blooming Fireblossom plant will yield seeds when harvested, and the only way to make a Fireblossom plant bloom is to submerge the Plant with lava. When growing the fire blossom in a Clay Pot, you still need to submerge it with Lava. The easiest way to harvest your initial seeds out in The Underworld is to place blocks two high on either side of the plant and then pour a Lava Bucket into the gap, thus submerging the Fireblossom in lava. Now, when you harvest the Fireblossom, it will also drop Fireblossom Seeds.

Fireblossom Seeds can be placed in empty Clay Pots or in an Ash Block and grown into additional, harvestable Fireblossom. Potted Fireblossom will grow anywhere, not just in The Underworld, but will only yield seeds if you submerge the plant, Clay Pot and all, in lava. Clay Pots are immune to lava.

Keep in mind, as of 1.0.5 you can no longer harvest flowers or herbs out of Clay Pots with a standard bladed weapon; instead, use your Pickaxe and left-click on the flower or herb above the Clay Pot you wish to harvest out of.

Update Info


  • Able to be planted in lava again.


  • Cannot be planted in lava.


  • Added to the game.

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