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Fishing , How to Start?! - Terraria Guide - GullofDoom

Fishing is an activity of the character to gain Materials by standing next to Water, Honey, or Lava and tossing a line into the water by left clicking while holding a Fishing Pole. Fishing is also the first mechanic to be used in Quests handed out by the Angler NPC.

Catching Fish

While the line is in the water, and the character has "Bait" in their inventory, the line will eventually get a "tug" (slight movement of the float and a sound effect) indicating that the character has caught something. Left clicking immediately will retract the line, potentially with a reward. Waiting too long to pull will retract the line with nothing.

The water being fished must be about 75 tiles. To avoid getting junk, the pool of water from which you fish needs to be at least 200 blocks in size. Quest fish can still be obtained with water sizes less than 200 and more than the minimum. 300 blocks of water are optimum. In the ocean the minimum is 1000. In honey the minimum is 50 and the maximum is 200. Nothing will be caught if the character is standing in water, whether it be the same water hole the character is fishing in or a different pool. Only the Hotline Fishing Hook can fish in lava. The Golden Fishing Rod cannot catch fish in lava. Fishing potions help at times of day or moon phases when there is a penalty to fishing skill. The best times to fish are from 4:30 AM - 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM. Both give a +20% bonus to fishing skill. Rain adds another +20%, and a full moon another +10%. Fishing from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM incurs a -10% penalty, as does a new moon. Fishing in various biomes and with different baits will result in catching different rewards.

Left clicking any time after casting will retract the line. Performing any action other than movements will retract the line. Grappling, dashing, flying, swimming and other movements are all allowed, but only to a distance of monster spawning. Being damaged in any way does not retract the line.

The game calculates how many blocks are in the body of water you are fishing in by first checking how many blocks of liquid there are to the left and right. Then it calculates how many blocks of liquid there are underneath each of those blocks. The amount of blocks of water in total will determine how likely you will pull up a good fish.

Rewards from Fishing

Many things can be gained from fishing, including a boss summoning. Some things will be useless.

Quest Items

Quest Item Fish can be gained without first talking to the Angler. Only one Quest can be gained in a day. When the Angler gives a quest, logging out and back into that world appears to reset the day's quest. While a Quest Fish is in a character's inventory, another quest fish cannot be caught (needs confirmation). Placing a Quest Fish in a Piggy Bank or Safe seems to allow for more Quest Fish. Angler Rewards can be gained at any time and must be completed before 4:30am. All players in a Multiplayer game will have the same quests.

Image FishBiome
Mutant Flinxfin Mutant Flinxfin Underground Snow
Wyverntail Wyverntail Forest
Fallen StarfishFallen Starfish Forest
Spiderfish Spiderfish Underground
Pengfish Pengfish Snow
Bunnyfish Bunnyfish Forest
Batfish Batfish Underground
Dirtfish Dirtfish Forest
Mudfish Mudfish Jungle
Demonic Hellfish Demonic Hellfish Underground
Dynamite Fish
Dynamite Fish Forest
Zombie Fish Zombie Fish Forest
Tropical Barracuda Tropical Barracuda Jungle
Bumblebee Tuna Bumblebee Tuna Hive
Harpyfish Harpyfish Forest
Guide Voodoo Fish Guide Voodoo Fish Underground
Angelfish Angelfish Forest
Clownfish Clownfish Ocean
The Fish of Cthulhu The Fish of Cthulhu Forest
Mirage Fish Mirage Fish

Underground Hallow

Catfish Catfish Jungle
Hungerfish Hungerfish Underground
Cursedfish The Corruption
Derpfish Derpfish Jungle
Bloody Manowar Bloody Manowar The Crimson
Tundra Trout Tundra Trout Snow
Cloudfish Cloudfish Floating Islands
Jewelfish Jewelfish Underground
Amanitia Fungifin Amanitia Fungifin Glowing Mushroom
Fishron Fishron Underground Snow
Fishotron Fishotron Underground
Pixiefish The Hallow
Slimefish Slimefish Forest
Cap'n TunabeardCap'n Tunabeard Ocean
Eater of PlanktonEater of Plankton The Corruption
Infected ScabbardfishInfected Scabbardfish The Corruption
Unicirn FishUnicorn Fish The Hallow
Bonefish Underground
Ichorfish clean
Ichorfish Underground Crimson


Most fish are used as various ingredients.

Image Fish Biome Use Rarity
Shrimp Shrimp Ocean Material Uncommon
Trout Trout Forest Material Common
Red Snapper Red Snapper Ocean Material Common
Tuna Tuna Ocean Material Common
Bass Bass Any Material Common
Salmon Salmon Material Common
Stinkfish Stinkfish Underground Material Uncommon
Atlantic Cod Atlantic Cod Snow Biome Material Common
Specular Fish Specular Fish Underground Material Common
Armored Cavefish Armored Cavefish Underground Material Uncommon
Princess Fish Princess Fish The Hallow Material Common
Prismite Prismite The Hallow Material Uncommon
Pink Jellyfish Pink Jellyfish (Bait) Ocean Material; 20% bait power Uncommon
Green Jellyfish Green Jellyfish (Bait) Underground Material; 20% bait power Uncommon
Blue Jellyfish Blue Jellyfish (Bait) Underground Material; 20% bait power Uncommon
Zephyr Fish Zephyr Fish Any A non-combat pet Rare
Neon Tetra Neon Tetra Jungle Unknown use Common
Damselfish Damselfish Floating Islands Material Common
Chaos Fish Chaos Fish Underground Hallow Material Uncommon
Variegated Lardfish Variegated Lardfish Underground Jungle Material Common
Golden Carp Golden Carp Underground Sell only Rare
Ebonkoi Ebonkoi The Corruption Material Common
Crimson Tigerfish Crimson Tigerfish The Crimson Material Common
Hemopiranha Hemopiranha The Crimson Material Common
Frost Minnow Frost Minnow Snow Biome Material Common
Double Cod Double Cod Jungle Material Common
Flarefin Koi Flarefin Koi Underworld, Lava Material Uncommon
Obsidifish Obsidifish Underworld, Lava Material Common
Scaly Truffle Scaly Truffle Underground Hallow Mount Rare
Honeyfin Honeyfin HiveHoney Healing Uncommon

Other Things

Some rewards are not fish, but may be found while fishing. Some are useless.

Image Item Biome Use Rarity
Iron Crate Iron Crate Any Contains a surprise Uncommon
Golden Crate Golden Crate Any Contains a surprise Rare
Wooden Crate Wooden Crate Any Contains a surprise Common
Old Shoe Old Shoe Any Useless Common
Tin Can Tin Can Any Useless Common
Seaweed Seaweed Any Useless Common
Swordfish Swordfish Underground, Ocean Melee Weapon; Spear Uncommon
Obsidian Swordfish
Obsidian Swordfish Underworld, Lava Melee Weapon; Spear Common
Reaver Shark Reaver SharkOcean Pickaxe Uncommon
RockfishUnderground Hammer Uncommon
Item 2342(0) Sawtooth Shark Ocean Axe Uncommon
Frog Leg Frog LegAny Equippable; Increases jump speed and fall resistance Rare
Purple Clubberfish Purple ClubberfishUnderground Corruption Melee Weapon; Broadsword Uncommon
Duke Fishron Summon Duke Fishron Ocean To fight a boss 100%

Fishing Gear

Fishing Poles

To begin fishing, first acquire a fishing pole. Each pole has a different "fishing power" (percentage, like axes and pickaxes).

Image Fishing BaitFishing Power Obtained From:
Wood Fishing Pole
Wood Fishing Pole 5% Crafting: 8 Wood
Reinforced Fishing Pole
Reinforced Fishing Pole 15% Crafting: 8 Iron/Lead Bars
Fisher of Souls
Fisher of Souls 20% Crafting: 8 Demonite Bars
Fleshcatcher 22% Crafting: 8 Crimtane Bar
Fiberglass Fishing Pole
Fiberglass Fishing Pole 25% 2% chance in Jungle Shrines.
Mechanic's Rod
Mechanic's Rod 30% Mechanic during Waning Crescent Moon in Hardmode
Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole
Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole 40%  Purchase from the Travelling Merchant
Hotline Fishing Hook
Hotline Fishing Hook 45% Angler Quest Reward
Golden Fishing Rod
Golden Fishing Rod 50% Angler Quest Reward (From the 50th Quest)

Fishing Bait

A character must also have bait in their inventory. Each bait has a different "bait power" that determines how often it is consumed. A higher percentage means it is consumed less often, and therefore allow more casts per piece of bait.

Image Fishing BaitFishing Power Location
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly5%Forest
Sulphur Butterfly
Sulphur Butterfly10%Forest
Black Scorpion
Black Scorpion 15%Desert
Glowing Snail
Glowing Snail15%Glowing Mushroom Biome
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly15%Forest
Apprentice Bait
Apprentice Bait 15%Angler Quest Reward
Ulysses Butterfly
Ulysses Butterfly20%Forest
Pink Jellyfish
Pink Jellyfish (Bait)20%Ocean
Green Jellyfish
Green Jellyfish (Bait)20%Underground
Blue Jellyfish
Blue Jellyfish (Bait)20%Underground
Julia Butterfly
Julia Butterfly25%Forest
Worm (item)
Red Admiral Butterfly
Red Admiral Butterfly 30%Forest
Journeyman Bait
Journeyman Bait 30%Angler Quest Reward
Purple Emperor Butterfly
Purple Emperor Butterfly 35%Forest
Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug35%Hallow
Tree Nymph Butterfly
Tree Nymph Butterfly50%Forest
Master Bait
Master Bait 50%Angler Quest Reward
Truffle Worm
Truffle Worm666%

Glowing Mushroom Biome


Some Potions are very useful and exclusive to fishing.

Main Article: Potions


There are equippable items to help with Fishing.

Main Article: Category:Accessories


The clothing of an angler will help with Fishing. They give no armor bonuses.

Main Article: Angler Clothes


  • Some of the fish have names of creatures. (Mutant Flinxfin,Derpfish,Harpyfish,etc.)
  • All fish for quests have the exclusive 'Amber' tier.



Catching a fish



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