A Flame Trap is a block found in the Jungle Temple as an active trap. When activated, a stream of fire shoots from the block and deals damage to anything struck by it, while also inflicting the "On Fire!" debuff. The flames pierce through enemies and are able to hit a single target twice per use. Unlike Dart Traps, which have to be spread out, the Flame Traps can be lined up on top of one another for increased damage output, as their flames can go through other flames freely. They seem to be the rarest of the traps amongst the Temple compared to other traps - some temples having none at all. The range of the flame is about 20 blocks.

The fire is capable of extremely high damage on a player, able to deal 80 points of damage and higher, even with Chlorophyte Armor and Reforge defenses.

The trap will only shoot its flame left or right. They cannot be aimed upward or downward.

It is possible to make a monster trap by wiring the trap to a timer or other sensory mechanism (such as a Pressure Plate or Switch). The Flame Trap will activate at a maximum rate of once every 3 seconds. Because the flame lasts for one second, this means that at least three traps are needed for a continuous stream of fire.


  • The Lucky Coin accessory also works with traps, making any monster farms using traps in combination with a Lucky Coin more profitable.

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  • Added to the game.
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