The Flamethrower is a weapon that was added in the 1.1 update. It shoots a continuous spray of fire that deals damages anything in its path. The flamethrower uses Gel as ammunition. Since it tends to use ammunition quickly, it is a good idea to produce a bulk amount of ammo by using Slime traps or the Gel Generator. One click will fire five jets of flame.

Flamethrowers also emit light when fired, but have limited range, so the light doesn't go very far. Embers will fall from the jets of flame, which can be useful for finding caves or ores.

The Flamethrower can't be used underwater. In addition, flames will stop if they come into contact with Water. This also applies to Honey but not Lava.


  • Although Meteor Heads and Underworld mobs are immune to the "On Fire!" debuff, the flamethrower still deals the same damage to them.
  • It is extremely effective against burrowing monsters and bosses due to its ability to pierce through several pieces at once and because of its high fire rate.
  • The Flamethrower is extremely effective against The Destroyer as it will deal lots of damage very quickly and pierces multiple sections of the boss. When used in combination with Gravitation Potions it makes defeating it very easy.
  • The Flamethrower can be effectively used to see the ground below the player. If one is in a cave and shoot straight out, the embers of the flames will drop a great distance allowing the ores and caves below to be revealed.
  • The Flamethrower will not work underwater, and the flames stop if they hit water. This renders it useless against enemies that are underwater. It will not consume ammo if it's fired underwater.
  • The Flamethrower is very useful for PVP, because it uses easy to obtain ammo and deals a lot of damage. Be aware that many players may 'return fire' in chat, as this weapon is pathetically easy to win fights with.
  • An easier way to obtain ammo rather than hunting slimes, is to get a Gel generator.
  • The Flamethrower is very effective against large groups of enemies, like Frost Legions, Goblin Armies, Pirate Invasions, Blood Moons and Solar Eclipses.
  • Crafting the Flamethrower does not require Cursed Flames as of patch 1.2.
  • Flamethrower can be shot through walls and hit mobs 1 block away.
  • Flamethrower can't be used in lava if using Obsidian Skin Potion.
  • When reforged as "Unreal", "Rapid" or other Velocity boosting reforges, initial shots use 2 gel rather than 1.


The Elf Melter is an upgraded version of the Flamethrower.

Update Info



  • Added to the game.