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[[Category:Craftable items]]
[[Category:Craftable items]]

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Flaming arrow

5 Flaming Arrows in the inventory slot.

Flaming Arrows are arrows with a torch attached, causing them to light up. When fired with a bow, they can light up passages ahead. They're also more powerful than Wooden Arrows, doing 7 damage instead of 5.

They're made in sets of five, requiring five Wooden Arrows and one torch.

Once fired they will either lose their flame and become normal arrows, or break and can't be picked up again. Occasionally they will be able to be picked back up again in their fiery form.

Any wooden arrow fired from the Molten Fury will instantly become a flaming arrow, though they will still deal the same amount of damage as a regular wooden arrow.

Since you can get a surplus of gel really early in the game, you can put it to use making flaming arrows.


Prior to version 1.0.2 wooden arrows fired from the Molten Fury did the same amount of damage as a flaming arrow.

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