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Flaming Arrows are arrows with a torch attached, giving them a chance to cause the On Fire! debuff. When fired with a bow, they emit light, which can be useful when fighting in dark areas. They are more powerful than Wooden Arrows, doing six damage instead of four. When they hit something, some arrows will break (40-50%), some will go out (30-50%), and a few will stay lit (20%).


  • If you have a stack of fire arrows and a stack of wooden arrows, arrange the ones you want to fire first earlier in the inventory (organized left to right, top to bottom), as the bow will fire whichever is first in the inventory. (This also applies to the ammo slots, the bow will fire the stacks from top to bottom.)
  • Since most players will end up with a surplus of gel early in the game, bow users can put it to use making torches to craft into flaming arrows.
  • Flaming Arrows shot through water are changed into normal arrows.
  • Any wooden arrow fired from the Molten Fury will instantly become a flaming arrow, though it will still deal the same amount of damage as a regular wooden arrow. Arrows that don't break or go out will drop as flaming arrows.
  • The Flaming Arrow has the same texture as the Cursed Arrow, albeit colored differently.
  • They also share the same texture with Frostburn Arrows but with a different color.

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