Floating Islands are masses of land that appear high in the sky. They are mostly made out of Dirt Blocks and clouds, and they will often have Rain Clouds pouring on them.

Floating Islands most often spawn with a room made out of Disc Wall adorned with Gravity, World, or Sun Banners which has a Skyware Chest in it, and sometimes spawn with skyware table and chair set. The room also may or may not be missing a door. However, an island can rarely spawn without a room entirely. The Islands also have cloud blocks on the bottom-side of them. The monsters that spawn on a Floating Island are the same as the ones from the Forest, with the addition of Harpies and (in Hard Mode) Wyverns. The maximum amount of floating islands in a large map is 8. Floating Islands can be found at different levels of height, based on the size of the map selected. Use a Depth Meter to determine your height. If you don't have a Depth Meter, you can build your way to the top of the map, and then count tiles as you descend. On a small map, a Skybridge built about 80 tiles (160 feet) below the top of the world is optimal for finding the islands. Even though it has all the requirements for it to be a house (if you place a piece of lighting equipment), it is not recommended because an NPC will have trouble getting up.

Floating islands are found at the following heights above sea level (depending on World Size):

  • Small World - Floating Islands are located around 400 feet above sea level, and in some circumstances are very close to large hills.
  • Medium World - they are generally found around 400 to 750 feet. The easiest way to find one is to move horizontally at about 480 feet (estimation).
  • Large World - they are located between 400-1200 feet. It can be more difficult to find islands on large maps, due to the broad height range; the best option is to get a map viewer, so it's easier to spot them. You can also use a Gravitation Potion if you feel it is needed.
  • All Console Worlds - they are located between 245-490 feet. 

Locating Floating Islands

There are several ways of locating Floating Islands from the ground:

  • You could craft Meteor Shot and shoot them into the air while traveling. Since Meteor Shot ricochets, you will be able to tell when there is an island above you, since the bullets will bounce off the islands and fall back down towards you.
  • You can use a Water Bolt, and if it comes back down then there is a floating island above you, though this is a slow alternative to meteor shots.
  • You can use Magic Missile depending on the map size. Magic Missile has a trailing sound effect that plays until it hits a surface. Firing directly up at a floating island will cause the sound effect to stop abruptly when it hits the island.
  • If you find Ores like Gold and Silver on the surface with a Metal Detector, try and use one of the tricks mentioned above, as any ore of more value than Iron is normally only found underground, but the Floating Islands are believed by some to be areas of land torn out of the ground when the map is fully developed, so what would normally be underground and have gold will be wrenched up into the air, but anything that is not pulled up will be left behind, which would explain the surface ores. (not true most of the time.)
  • Another way to find a Floating Island is to look for places on the ground where dirt looks ripped off and the dirt background is left in place. Stack blocks up where you found the ripped ground and it is possible to find an Island.
  • Leaping off a skybridge with accessories that allow flight and increase speed such as Wings and Spectre Boots is a great way to scout a large area for them.
  • Using a large resolution can help in finding Floating Islands.
  • You can create a hardcore character, kill yourself to become a ghost and search for them this way, but this, of course, kills you so it is recommended you do it only on multiplayer.
  • You can also use a Gravitation Potion if you have enough, and continually switch between fall directions. The draw back to this is that you will encounter Harpies or Wyverns (on Hardmode).
  • If you're in a small world, wherein the floating islands would probably be around 400-600 feet, normal Musket Balls should do just fine if you have good audio (music volume should be reduced) as you could spray your shots into the sky (in several different angles) while running to one direction and listen for the sound of the impact and maybe vine-destruction, and if you're not sure if you hit an island, try shooting from approximately the same angle and position. Shooting from fairly low altitudes (pits in the ground) isn't recommended. This should be a cost-effective strategy for anyone with a gun.
  • The projectiles from Ice Blade and Frostbrand (Hardmode) can also be used to find islands. Swing wildly at the sky and listen for the shattering sound when the projectile strikes.
  • Occasionally on small worlds, if you climb on the top of a high hill there is a chance there will be a floating island near it.
  • On a small world, build a few blocks high, use Rocket Boots and an Ivy Whip, there is a chance you can find a floating island.
  • Find a high point on the map, fly forwards with any flight boots, stopping to prevent vertical movement, then fly forwards with a magic carpet.
  • On a large world, build up 300-600 blocks then build a bridge across the top of the world. After you do this, use wings and a hook (preferably a Dual Hook) and fly down, then shoot your hook at the bridge and you'll discover more of the sky, probably finding an island.

There are also several ways to find floating islands from space:

  • An effective way to locate floating islands is to use a Cute Fishron or UFO Mount mount, obtained by killing Duke Fishron in expert mode or a Martian Saucer, respectively. The next step is to simply find one floating island by flying around in the sky, then fly at that same height around the world until you find more islands.


  • Mining on the Floating Islands is also a good idea. Gold Ore and Silver Ore can usually be found inside the islands. (As of worlds in 1.2, this no longer works due to clouds consuming the dirt almost completely)
  • Conjoined Floating Islands are possible.
  • Some Floating Islands are found over large deposits of clay on the surface, so if you see clay there is a chance of there being a floating island above you.
  • It is possible to spawn on a floating island if you generate a small world.
  • In worlds prior from 1.2, Floating islands can be corrupted or hallowed in Hardmode.
  • On a multiplayer server, a player who died in Hardcore Mode could conceivably search the skies for Floating Islands as a ghost.
  • Placing a torch in a Floating Island room is often all that is required for it to be suitable for housing since it is possible for it to spawn with a complete set of furniture.
  • On the mobile version of Terraria, the tutorial world is a floating island above a pit of lava. It seems to be standard every time it is accessed.
    • On console version the tutorial world island is set above an ocean
  • Some Floating Islands have the Dirt Blocks replaced with water. These rarely have chests on them as well.


  • Rarely, the building in which the Chest spawns in, will not spawn. (Console, and Desktop version)
  • Rarely, in the mobile versions the building on the floating island will be floating next to a small floating island.

Update Info


  • Added Sky Lakes


  • Chests no longer locked, all materials which make up Floating Islands changed. Clouds and rain clouds added onto and around the islands. New banners added inside the house.



  • Normal Chests replaced with Gold Chests.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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