The Flying Dutchman is an event boss spawned in the Pirate Invasion. Its purpose is to spawn pirate enemies. It sports cannons that shoot out explosives. The cannons can be destroyed. Once the cannons are destroyed, the ship is entirely destroyed. the Flying Dutchman counts as four enemies because of its four cannons.

Dutchman Cannon

Dutchman Cannons are Flying Dutchman's main weapons. Each of them have 2000 (4000 Expert only) HP, making 8000 (16000 Expert only) HP total. Destroying them is the only way to destroy Flying Dutchman itself.


  • It is possible to destroy Flying Dutchman with a Minecart and a very long track - the cannonballs will only hit the player if the player stops or moves too slow. This makes them fairly easy if you have a decent ranged weapon.
  • Due to way it moves, and the way cannonballs fire, it is fairly easy to find a position from where you can attack it with little risk of being hit.
  • Another viable strategy is to find/build an appropriate cover and use the Daedalus Stormbow. The arrow rain will mow through the cannons and any spawning pirates in a relatively short time.


  • If a player traps a Flying Dutchman before the event ends to farm it, it will die quickly to prevent pirates from being farmed without the need to restart the event.
  • The Flying Dutchman now spawns on mobile

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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