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Welcome to the Admin Noticeboard. You can use this forum to contact the administrators of the Terraria Wiki about general issues such as vandalism, editing help, problems using the wiki, etc.

Examples of things you should post here:

  • I need editing help, how do I do _________ ?
  • Someone reverted my edit / deleted my page. Why???
  • A griefer is vandalizing the [insert link here] page!
  • I'm being harassed by a user on the wiki, please help!
  • There's a bunch of spam comments here: [insert link here]. Please clean them up.

For help finding an item, hosting a server, or something related to the game, please use Forum:Help desk instead. The Admin Noticeboard is not for in-game help, it is for things specifically related to the wiki. If you wish to contact a particular admin, please look up their name on the wiki navigation bar at the top of the screen under Community -> Administrators. You can then contact that admin directly using their talk page.

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