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This article is about the debuff. For the furniture set, see Frozen furniture.

Frozen is a debuff that is inflicted by various ice-themed enemies. It causes the player to briefly freeze in place, being completely unable to move or use any weapons or items, and renders the player completely susceptible to most attacks. It lasts for twice as long in Expert mode. Beware of enemies in the Ice biome at the beginning of the game, as getting this debuff – even for just two seconds – is often a death sentence.

All enemies that can inflict this debuff can also inflict the Chilled debuff as well.

This debuff can be prevented by the Hand Warmer accessory, which has a very small chance to be dropped from Presents.


From enemy[]

From Duration Chance
Spiked Ice Slime Spiked Ice Slime 1 / 2 second(s)
1.5 / 3 seconds
6.67*1/15 (6.67%)
5*1/20 (5%) / 9.75*39/400 (9.75%) (Spike attack)
Ice Bat Ice Bat 1 / 2 second(s) 2.78*1/36 (2.78%) / 5.56*1/18 (5.56%)
Ice Golem Ice Golem 1 / 2 second(s) 20*1/5 (20%) (Beam attack)
Icy Merman Icy Merman 1 / 2 second(s) 10*1/10 (10%) (Spit attack)
Ice Queen Ice Queen 1 / 2 second(s) See here


  • If the player is currently attacking with a spear when frozen, the spear will remain in place, continuing to deal damage.

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