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Frozen Crown
  • Frozen Crown item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Use time20 (Very fast)
TooltipSummons a tiny Ice Queen
'Fit for a queen!'
RarityRarity level: Fiery red
Research1 required
Grants Buff
BuffIce QueenIce Queen
Buff tooltipIce Queen has been reborn as your companion
Summons Pet
  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen
Obtained from Obtained from
Master mode icon.png Master
Ice QueenIce Queen.pngIce Queen112.5% - 25%

The Frozen Crown is a pet-summoning item that has a 12.5*1/8 (12.5%) to 25*1/4 (25%) chance of dropping from the Ice Queen in Master Mode. It summons a miniature Ice Queen pet that will follow the player around.


  • The item tooltip is nearly identical to that of the Regal Delicacy, the Queen Slime's pet-summoning item, which reads 'A dessert fit for a queen!'.
  • The pet that is summoned is very similar to that summoned by Jewel of Light, and has the same flight patterns.