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GastropodHardmode exclusive
Gastropod.pngOld-gen console version and Nintendo 3DS version
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeHovering AI
Damage60/120/180 (melee)
50100150 (ranged)
Max Life220/440/660
KB Resist20%/28%/36%
BannerGastropod BannerGastropod Banner
Immune toPoisonedConfused
Old-gen console version Old-gen console and 3DSNintendo 3DS version
Exclusive Variant
Spectral GastropodHardmode exclusive
Spectral Gastropod.png
Max Life250
BannerSpectral Gastropod BannerSpectral Gastropod Banner
  • Item (Quantity)Rate
  • GelGel (10–25)

The Gastropod is a flying Hardmode slime that spawns frequently at the surface of The Hallow at night, and fires Pink LaserPink Lasers which emit a faint light.

The Windows Phone.svg Windows Phone version and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version also feature the exclusive Spectral Gastropod variant. The Spectral Gastropod fires a slow-moving orb that disappears after a short time.

Like most other slimes, the Gastropod will be passive towards any player with the Royal GelDesktop only.pngConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile versionOld Chinese versiontModLoader versiontModLoader 1.3-Legacy version accessory equipped.


  • Gastropods will enter water to chase the player, and can continue flying and firing while submerged, unlike many other flying enemies.
  • Gastropod lasers will keep traveling as long as they are in sight.
  • Striking the Gastropod while it is preparing its laser will interrupt the attack and prevent it from firing.
  • Gastropods ignore the Shroomite/Vortex armor's set bonus.
    • They can still fire lasers at stealthy/invisible players, but it will not move towards the player during this time.
  • Gastropods do not look like slimes, despite technically being considered slimes.
    • While they are considered slimes, they do not drop the Slime Staff.


  • Old-gen console versionOld Chinese versiontModLoader 1.3-Legacy version The Royal Gel allows easily and safely farming Gastropods for the Blessed Apple, as they will not attack the player and can be attacked freely once the accessory is equipped.
  • Newer Hardmode players may want to avoid the Hallow's surface at night entirely, as Gastropods fire frequently, spawn often, and their lasers are difficult to dodge – especially when more than one Gastropod is on the screen (and there usually are). In Expert ModeDesktop only.pngConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile versionOld Chinese versiontModLoader versiontModLoader 1.3-Legacy version, the Hallow is less dangerous at night as players can equip the Royal Gel.
  • Gastropods drop much more Gel than any other non-boss slime, making them useful for gathering Flamethrower ammo. Using the Flamethrower to kill Gastropods is fast and will yield more Gel than the weapon consumes.
  • The Bee Gun and similar weapons are effective at preventing Gastropods from firing, as its bees can attack continuously, leaving no pause for Gastropods to fire.


  • Real-life gastropoda are a class of mollusk that includes snails and slugs.
  • Desktop only.pngConsole versionMobile versiontModLoader version Sometimes Gastropods can be seen flying in the Hallow background at night as ambience.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Gastropod: "Touched by the blessing, these nocturnal slimes evolved into a levitating snail-like creature which spits powerful beams of light."
  • This entry explains that the Gastropods are Hallow-enhanced nocturnal slimes, though it is not clear what connection these have with real-life gastropods. Two possible reasons are that both have very soft and jelly-like bodies, and that both are said to leave behind a trail of ooze-like substances as they move.