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Placeable (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Research100 required

Glass is crafted from different types of sand at a Furnace. Glass can be placed as a block and is an ingredient in producing various items.




ResultIngredientsCrafting station
 Glass (  )By Hand
 Glass Furnace
 Work Bench
 Glass ( )
total: 4 row(s)

Used inEdit

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
 Nebula Clock  Ancient Manipulator 
 Solar Clock 
 Stardust Clock 
 Vortex Clock 
 Bone Clock  Bone Welder 
 Glass Platform (2) (  )By Hand
 Blue Starry Block  (10) Crystal Ball
 Confetti Block 
 Gold Starry Block  (10)
 Midnight Confetti Block 
 Sandfall Block 
 Snowfall Block 
 Honeyfall Block  Crystal Ball and  Honey
 Lavafall Block  Crystal Ball and  Lava
 Waterfall Block  Crystal Ball and  Water
 Lesion Clock  Decay Chamber 
 Flesh Clock  Flesh Cloning Vat 
 Bottle (2) Furnace
 Glass Bowl  (2)
  •  Glass (16)
 Wine Glass 
 Glass Bathtub 
  •  Glass (14)
 Glass Kiln 
 Glass Bed 
 Glass Bookcase 
 Glass Candelabra 
 Glass Candle 
 Glass Chair 
  •  Glass (4)
 Glass Chandelier 
 Glass Chest 
 Glass Clock (   )
 Glass Clock ( )
  •  Glass (18)
 Glass Door 
  •  Glass (6)
 Glass Dresser 
  •  Glass (16)
 Glass Lamp 
 Glass Lantern 
 Glass Piano 
 Glass Sink 
 Glass Sofa 
 Glass Table 
  •  Glass (8)
 Glass Toilet 
  •  Glass (6)
 Glass Work Bench 
  •  Glass (10)
 Honey Clock Honey Dispenser 
 Frozen Clock  Ice Machine 
 Lamp Post Iron Anvil
 Lead Anvil
 Lihzahrd Clock  Lihzahrd Furnace 
 Living Wood Clock  Living Loom 
 Floret Protector Helmet  Loom
 Video Visage 
 Bamboo Clock  Sawmill
 Boreal Wood Clock 
 Cactus Clock (  )
 Dynasty Clock 
 Ebonwood Clock 
 Grandfather Clock
 Granite Clock 
 Marble Clock 
 Martian Astro Clock 
 Meteorite Clock 
 Mushroom Clock (  )
 Palm Wood Clock 
 Pearlwood Clock 
 Pumpkin Clock (  )
 Rich Mahogany Clock 
 Sandstone Clock 
 Shadewood Clock 
 Spider Clock 
 Spooky Clock 
 Skyware Clock  Sky Mill 
 Sunplate Clock 
 Slime Clock Solidifier
 Steampunk Clock  Steampunk Boiler 
 Amber Gemspark Block  (20) Work Bench
 Amethyst Gemspark Block  (20)
 Cactus Clock (   )
 Diamond Gemspark Block  (20)
 Emerald Gemspark Block  (20)
 Glass Platform (2) ( )
 Glass Wall (4)
 Lihzahrd Power Cell ( )
 Mushroom Clock (   )
 Pumpkin Clock (  )
 Ruby Gemspark Block  (20)
 Sapphire Gemspark Block  (20)
 Topaz Gemspark Block  (20)
total: 85 row(s)


  • Desktop Now used to craft Blue Starry Blocks, Gold Starry Blocks, Glass Toilet, Spider, Lesion, Sandstone, Bamboo, Nebula, Solar, Stardust, and Vortex Clocks.