The Gold Chest is a naturally-occurring item used for storage. It is identical to the standard Chest except in appearance, but it typically has a larger sum of coins inside when found initially. A pickaxe can be used to remove an empty Gold Chest that is placed, which in turn can then be picked up. It has 40 slots for storage of items, and can not be crafted or purchased.


  • Gold Chests in the dungeon will be locked, and require the character to have a Golden Key in order to open them. When the key is used, the Locked Gold Chest will instantly become a normal Gold Chest, and the Golden Key will disappear.
  • Gold Chests can only be found in Worlds created after 1.0.5 update.
  • Gold Chests are more common in Underground Houses.
  • Gold Chests can reflect light if there is a light source nearby ( Torch, Shadow Orb, etc.)..
  • Gold Chests can be renamed as of 1.2.3.

Possible Contents


  • When a Gold Chest spawns with a block inside it while it has something in it, placing or removing a block around it will cause the Chest to give you 1-4 copies.
  • This bug can appear occasionally even if the chest doesn't have a block inside it.
  • Sometimes Id's get mixed up and you will get random items (Console 1.3)

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Update Info


  • Gold Chests can be renamed.


  • Gold Chests removed from floating islands (replaced with Skyware Chest).



  • Added to the game.


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