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Gold Greaves are a piece of Gold Armor that is worn in the legs slot. It provides 4 defence, and requires access to an Anvil and 30 Gold Bars to craft.

The set bonus (having the full gold armor) is a bonus defence of 3.

They are a tier above silver and a tier below demonite.

You can use the Gold Greaves along with 35 hellstone bars to craft Molten Greaves.

Items Requiring Gold
Tools Gold Axe · Gold Hammer · Gold Pickaxe
Armor Gold Helmet · Gold Chainmail · Gold Greaves
Weapons Gold Bow · Gold Broadsword · Gold Shortsword · Ruby Staff
Vanity Items Gold Crown
Furniture Candelabra · Candle · Gold Chandelier · Throne
Accessories Gold Watch
Potions Spelunker Potion
Other Gold Bar · Gold Brick

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