The Golden Shower is a spell tome that fires three streams of ichor at a very fast speed; these spread out in an arc and have a very wide range. The projectiles are able to pierce up to five enemies at a time. The projectiles will lower the defense of any monster hit by its stream, making this Weapon extremely helpful during boss battles as well as crowd control. This effect that lowers defense is extremely useful when using a damage-over-time weapon (Scourge of the Corruptor, Cursed Flames, Piranha Gun, etc.). This weapon is the Crimson counterpart of the Corruption's Cursed Flames.


  • Any mob that has been hit with this weapon will be visible regardless of lighting conditions. Worms and wyverns that have been hit will be affected per segment and not as a whole.
  • The Golden Shower may be used to lower the defense of an enemy before switching to another weapon to deal more damage.
  • Taking into account that it is fired continuously (like Crystal Storm), does more damage, and reduces defense by 20 (from the Ichor debuff), this weapon is easily much more economic and powerful than Crystal Storm.
  • The glowing effect on enemies with Ichor debuff is similar to Midas debuff caused by Golden Bullet and Flask of Gold.
  • The Golden Shower appears to act as a stronger version of the Aqua Scepter, having a similar attack style, but dealing more damage, having further range, and inflicting the Ichor debuff. Both additionally launches a type of liquid as a part of their attack.
  • This is useless against The Destroyer, who, not only having absurdly high defense, is also immune to the Ichor debuff.
  • It would be a great idea to use your firstly obtained Ichor to make this instead of making ammunition because as long as you have mana, you can inflict Ichor debuff however the ammunition isn't viable and Ichor is pretty rare.


  • It may be a reference to Jarate, a weapon in the game Team Fortress 2. Both are based off a mysterious yellow liquid, both cause the target to glow yellow and both cause the target to suffer more damage than usual.
  • "Golden shower" is a slang term for the act of urinating on someone as part of urolagnia, with the name here likely referring to the fact that the attack looks like a stream of urine.

Update Info


  • Now only penetrate 5 enemies instead of infinite.


  • Added to the game.


Pre-Hard Mode Offensive

Item 3377(0)  Amber Staff

Item 739(0)  Amethyst Staff

Terraria Aqua Scepter  Aqua Scepter

Item 1121(0)  Bee Gun

Item 1313(0)  Book of Skulls

Item 1256(0)  Crimson Rod

Terraria Demon scythe  Demon Scythe

Item 744(0)  Diamond Staff

Item 742(0)  Emerald Staff

Item 218(0)  Flamelash

Item 112(0)  Flower of Fire

Item 113(0)  Magic Missile

Item 743(0)  Ruby Staff

Item 741(0)  Sapphire Staff

Item 127(0)  Space Gun

Item 740(0)  Topaz Staff

Item 64(0)  Vilethorn

Item 165(0)  Water Bolt

Item 3069(0)  Wand of Sparking

Hard Mode Offensive

Item 1801(0)  Bat Scepter

Item 1931o  Blizzard Staff

Item 2623(0)  Bubble Gun

Item 3014(0)  Clinger Staff

Item 3209(0)  Crystal Serpent

Terraria Crystal Storm  Crystal Storm

Item 3051(0)  Crystal Vile Shard

Cursed Flames  Cursed Flames

Item 726o  Frost Staff

Item 1336(0)  Golden Shower

Item 1295(0)   Heat Ray

Terraria Ice Rod  Ice Rod

Item 1445(0)  Inferno Fork

Item 2795(0)

Laser Machinegun

Item 514(0)  Laser Rifle

Item 3541(0)  Last Prism

Item 1178(0)  Leaf Blower

Item 3006(0)  Life Drain

Item 3570(0)  Lunar Flare

Magic Dagger  Magic Dagger

Magical Harp  Magical Harp

Item 1266(0)  Magnet Sphere

Item 3269(0)  Medusa Head

Item 3476(0)  Nebula Arcanum

Item 3542(0)  Nebula Blaze

Item 788(0)  Nettle Burst

Item 1244(0)  Nimbus Rod

Item 1308(0)  Poison Staff

Item 1260(0)  Rainbow Gun

Terraria Rainbow Rod  Rainbow Rod

Item 2622(0)  Razorblade Typhoon

Item 1930(0)  Razorpine

Item 1444(0)  Shadowbeam Staff

Item 3053(0)  Shadowflame Hex Doll

Item 1446(0)  Spectre Staff

Item 1296(0)  Staff of Earth

Item 683(0)  Unholy Trident

Item 2188o  Venom Staff

Item 1155(0)  Wasp Gun


Item 3124(0)  Cell Phone

Dirt Rod1  Dirt Rod

Item 3199(0)  Ice Mirror

Terraria Ice Rod  Ice Rod

Item 50(0)  Magic Mirror

Item 1326(0)  Rod of Discord

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