The Goodie Bag is a random drop from any Monster during Halloween (October 20 - November 10). It must be noted that it will only drop during Halloween. Meteor Heads and monsters spawned from Statues will not drop any Goodie Bags.


When opened, the Goodie Bag has a 25% chance to give you 4-40 Rotten Eggs or 2.88% chance for one of the items below:

Pets Unlucky Yarn
Tools Bat Hook
Costumes Bride of Frankenstein Costume
Cat Costume
Cat Ears
Creeper Costume
Fox Costume
Ghost Costume
Karate Tortoise Costume
Leprechaun Costume
Pixie Costume
Princess Costume
Pumpkin Costume
Reaper Costume
Robot Costume
Space Creature Costume
Treasure Hunter Costume
Unicorn Costume
Vampire Costume
Witch Costume
Wolf Costume
Paintings Blood Moon Countess
Hallow's Eve
Jacking Skeletron
Morbid Curiosity
Bitter Harvest


  • Goodie Bags are immune to lava. If it falls in it, the player can use an Obsidian Skin Potion, Lava Waders or a Lava Charm to submerge and retrieve it.
  • It is opened by right clicking on it in the players inventory.
  • If the player receives costume pieces, which are worth 60 silver each, then it is worth more when sold after opening the bag, as opposed to the one gold from selling the goodie bag; however, there is a chance you will get rotten eggs, which have no value.
  • Much like presents during Christmas, Goodie Bags can be farmed year round by setting the computer date to Halloween. (Oct. 24th thru November 10th.)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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