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The Graveyard is a mini-biome that officially released with the 1.4 Journey’s End update. This mini-biome doesn't have any unique mobs but will spawn nighttime creatures such as zombies, and demon eyes, even during the day, with the inclusion of ghosts. If 6 gravestones are present in the mini-biome, maggot zombies will also spawn.


This mini-biome has ominous fog, Ecto Mist, which increase mob spawn rates, ghosts, ravens, and gravestones.

It will spawn where there are gravestones nearby. It is not recommended to leave out gravestones for too long, especially in early (pre-)Hardmode. There is a chance of ghosts spawning on destroying gravestones. The foggier the mist is, the more monsters spawn.


  • In a graveyard mini-biome, nighttime creatures will always spawn.
  • Different mobs will spawn depending on the number of gravestones present in the mini-biome.
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