The Gravitation Potion allows the player to invert the effects of gravity on the player. The effect is player-controlled and can be toggled while in the air, surpassing Wings as the most effective way of air travel currently available. The effect can be toggled by pressing the up key (default is "W") (or by moving the left joystick up in mobile version) to invert gravity. It has several very helpful uses, such as getting out of water, as it is the only current way to effectively "float". Another very effective use for the potion is locating Floating Islands, as it allows you to fly upwards and downwards repeatedly, eventually finding the Islands. Gravitation potions can be found in Pots or Chests underground. They can also be crafted using one Bottled Water, one Fireblossom, one Deathweed, one Blinkroot, and one Feather. You must be near an Alchemy Station to craft it.

Terraria - Gravitation Potion

Terraria - Gravitation Potion

It can also be used to travel over land quickly by hovering over the land instead of on it, so you don't slow down at every cave or hill and spend very little time getting around or over them. It can be used to travel even faster if you use a pair of Hermes Boots and get up to full speed before taking to the air. If you reach the top of the map with inverted gravity you will immediately flip gravity back to normal. It is strongly advised to bring multiple Gravitation Potions, equip anything that negates fall damage (such as Wings or a Lucky Horseshoe), or use a Magic Mirror in case the effects wear off in mid-flight, as this may lead to a player's untimely demise.

2013-10-05 00002

the screen invert introduced in 1.2.


  • The Gravitation Potion is an excellent way of ascending a Hellevator quickly if one does not own a Magic Mirror.
  • It is usually used for building or PvP activities.
  • It is very helpful for Hard Mode bosses as they can move around the screen a lot and being stuck on the ground leaves the player highly vulnerable.
  • Finding several of these can be later used to discover Floating Islands. If there's any way you can fall down unharmed, you can stay on one of them and farm some Harpies for Feathers so you can craft your own Gravitation Potions.


  • Sometimes when switching from regular gravity to inverted, the game will think that the player touched the ground. It only seems to work when the player has fallen for about a second, and there doesn't seem to be any fall damage consequences. The bug, however, can be used to refresh the flight of Wings or the Jetpack.
  • When using the Gravitation Potion, The Drax will look like its mining upwards if gravity is flipped upwards.
  • Sometimes, the new invert screen can 'glitch' up and invert the screen even though you're in the normal falling stage. (this is not yet confirmed.)
105600 2013-10-31 00001

Drax appears to be mining upwards while actually mining downwards.


  • The effect of the Gravitation Potion originated from the indie game named "VVVVVV".

Update Info


  • Gravitation Potions now invert the screen instead of inverting the player.


  • Added to the game.

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