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This is a Guide page.
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Terraspark Boots
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TooltipAllows flight, super fast running, and extra mobility on ice
8% increased movement speed
Provides the ability to walk on water, honey & lava
Grants immunity to fire blocks and 7 seconds of immunity to lava
Reduces damage from touching lava
RarityRarity level: 7
Research1 required

Terraspark Boots are a highly useful movement accessory which can be crafted before Hardmode and can easily last you into the endgame. While the crafting tree is complex, most of the materials required are easy to come across.

Basic diagram[]


Step 1: Spectre BootsSpectre Boots[]

Running boots[]

There are four types of base level running boots that exist which increase the player's movement speed by a very high margin, allowing them to sprint. All four of these boots have the same effect (except for the Dunerider Boots, which grant extra speed on sand) and can be used interchangeably in crafting.

Hermes BootsHermes Boots[]

The Hermes Boots are likely the first variety of sprinting boots that the player will encounter, and are very easy to discover early on. They can be found in Gold ChestGold Chests in Underground Cabins that can generate in all underground biomes, except for the Ice biome.

Flurry BootsFlurry Boots[]

Flurry Boots are also very easy to encounter in the early game generating within Frozen ChestFrozen Chests, or found in Frozen CrateFrozen Crates and Boreal CrateBoreal Crates, acting as an Ice biome counterpart to Hermes Boots. Since the Ice biome often spreads underneath the spawn point even if the player does not spawn directly within the Snow biome, Flurry Boots are highly likely to be encountered if the player tunnels down deep enough near spawn. However, one should be careful, as the Snow biome is on the same side as the Dungeon, so the player should take care not to wake the Dungeon GuardianDungeon Guardian.

Sailfish BootsSailfish Boots[]

The Sailfish Boots are obtained from opening Wooden CrateWooden Crates and Iron CrateIron Crates found via fishing, and are semi-common rewards from opening them, with a 2.5% chance of being received from the former and a 5% chance of being received from the latter. The Wooden Crate is the most common Crate found via fishing, with the Iron Crate being second-most common.

Dunerider BootsDunerider Boots[]

Dunerider Boots can be found in the Underground Desert, in desert houses. This biome can be dangerous to new players, so you'll probably be best off avoiding this one. You can also find them in Oasis CrateOasis Crates and Mirage CrateMirage Crates. Note that while the Dunerider Boots give the extra effect of running even faster on sand this will not carry over to the Spectre Boots.

Rocket BootsRocket Boots[]

After defeating a Goblin Army and rescuing the Goblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer, the Rocket Boots can be purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer for 5.

Crafting the Spectre Boots[]

The Rocket Boots can be combined with one of any of the base level running boots at a Tinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop to yield the Spectre Boots, combining the effects of its two components.

Step 2: Lightning BootsLightning Boots[]


AgletAglets are quite common accessories that are frequently found in Surface wooden ChestChests. They can also be found by opening Wooden Crates, with a 2.22% chance.

Anklet of the WindAnklet of the Wind[]

The Anklet of the WindAnklet of the Wind can be found in Ivy ChestIvy Chests which generate within Jungle Shrines in the Underground Jungle. They can also be found by opening Jungle CrateJungle Crates and Bramble CrateBramble Crates, with a 19% chance.

Crafting the Lightning Boots[]

These two accessories can be combined with the Spectre Boots at a Tinkerer's Workshop, yielding the Lightning Boots.

Step 3: Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots[]

Ice SkatesIce Skates[]

Ice Skates can be encountered in Ice Chests, just like the Flurry Boots.

Crafting the Frostspark Boots[]

Combine Ice Skates with the Lightning Boots at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Frostspark Boots.

Step 4: Obsidian Water Walking BootsObsidian Water Walking Boots[]

Water Walking BootsWater Walking Boots[]

The Water Walking Boots can be rarely found in Water ChestWater Chests which can be found submerged in Water or, with a 9% chance, from Ocean CrateOcean Crates and Seaside CrateSeaside Crates by fishing in the Ocean. While they can be found Underground, the easiest way to search for them is in the Ocean.

Obsidian SkullObsidian Skull[]

The Obsidian Skull can be crafted from 20 ObsidianObsidian at a FurnaceFurnace. Obsidian may be obtained by mixing Lava with Water

Crafting the Obsidian Water Walking Boots[]

Combine Water Walking Boots with the Obsidian Skull at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Obsidian Water Walking Boots.

Step 5: Lava WadersLava Waders[]

Lava CharmLava Charm[]

The Lava Charm can be found in Chests in the Lava layer with a 2.5% chance. However, since they aren't guaranteed to appear in a world, fishing for Obsidian CrateObsidian Crates or Hellstone CrateHellstone Crates can yield the lava charm with a 5% chance. Lava fishing may take a while.

Obsidian RoseObsidian Rose[]

On the Desktop version Desktop version, the Obsidian Rose is also required to craft Lava Waders and can obtained from Fire Imps in the Underworld with a 2% drop rate chance. If obtaining an Obsidian Rose proves difficult, a Fire Imp farm can be quickly and easily set up with a box, Timers and an Imp Statue if the player has access to wiring.

Crafting the Lava Waders[]

Combine Obsidian Water Walking Boots with the Lava Charm and Obsidian Rose at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Lava Waders.

Step 6: Terraspark BootsTerraspark Boots[]

Finalizing the Terraspark Boots[]

Combine Frostspark Boots with the Lava Waders at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to craft the Terraspark Boots.