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This is a Guide page.
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Night's Edge
  • Night's Edge item spriteold Night's Edge item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage42 (Melee)
Knockback4.5 (Average)
Critical chance4%
Use time21 (Fast) /
27 (Average)
RarityRarity level: 3
Research1 required
Main article: Night's Edge

The Night's Edge is a very powerful weapon in Pre-Hardmode with 42 damage and 4.5 knockback points.

To make a Night's Edge, the player needs four different swords.

Basic diagram[]


ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Night's EdgeNight's EdgeDemon AltarDemon Altar
Crimson AltarCrimson Altar
total: 2 row(s)

Sword 1: Light's BaneLight's Bane / Blood ButchererBlood Butcherer[]

Swords of Evil[]

The first required sword for the Night's Edge is called the Light's Bane/Blood Butcherer, depending on the evil biome that the player's world has.

Light's BaneLight's Bane[]

It is crafted using 10 Demonite Bars at an Iron or Lead Anvil. the player can get Demonite Ore in a corruption world by mining it, or by killing the Eye of Cthulhu, or the Eater of Worlds.

Blood ButchererBlood Butcherer[]

It is crafted using 10 Crimtane Bars at an Iron or Lead Anvil. In a Crimson world, the player can get Crimtane Ore by either mining it, or by killing the Eye of Cthulhu, or the Brain of Cthulhu.

Sword 2: MuramasaMuramasa[]

The Muramasa can be found in the locked golden chests of the Dungeon, which can be found to the far right or the far left in the player's world. The side with the Snow Biome always has the Dungeon. In order to get access to the Dungeon, the player will need to beat Skeletron, or the Dungeon Guardian will come up to kill the player.

Sword 3: Blade of GrassBlade of Grass[]

The third sword used to make the Night's Edge is called the Blade of Grass. It is crafted using 12 Jungle Spores and 15 (12 Old-gen console version Old-gen console 3DSNintendo 3DS version) Stingers at an Iron or Lead Anvil. the player can get Jungle Spores in the Underground Jungle, where the plants naturally spawn, emitting a lime green light. Stingers are sometimes dropped by Hornets and Spiked slime in the Underground Jungle.

Sword 4: Fiery GreatswordFiery Greatsword[]

The Fiery Greatsword Is crafted using 20 Hellstone Bars at an Iron or Lead Anvil. The player can get Hellstone Bars by smelting 3 Hellstone and 1 Obsidian at a HellforgeHellforge. Hellstone is found naturally in the Underworld, and creates lava whenever it is broken. Obsidian can be made by pouring water on lava.

Crafting Station[]

The player will need to find a Demon or Crimson Altar in the Corruption or Crimson biomes, respectively.


  • The Night's Edge can help with destroying the Hungry during the Wall of flesh fight. Attacking the boss directly is not recommended.
  • In hardmode, enemies have much more defense and health. A strong sword like the Night's edge can be very helpful for keeping enemies like wraiths and armored skeletons at bay.
  • The Night's Edge can be further upgraded into the True Night's Edge, which is stronger and shoots a projectile.