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This is a Guide page.
This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.
Status: Under revision (This Guide is currently being revised or has been revised partially. It hasn't met all quality standards yet.)
  • Things to do:
     • Fight section
  • Nintendo 3DS version
    3DS-Only Content: This information applies only to the 3DS version of Terraria.

    Lepus is a 3DSNintendo 3DS version-exclusive boss spawned by the Suspicious Looking Egg. This page contains strategies to defeat the boss.

    Lepus.pngOld-gen console version and Nintendo 3DS version
    3DS Boss Icon.png
    Map Icon
    AI TypeLepus AI
    Max Life9000
    Lepus Egg
    Suspicious Looking Egg.png Suspicious Looking Egg.png
    Max Life25


    You must kill Corrupt Bunnies or Diseaster Bunnies during Easter, or disaster bunnies (not spawned by Lepus) when they will drop Suspicious Looking Eggs, which you must hold in your hand and use to summon Lepus. Try summoning him near your base or anywhere there is a small house made of strong materials. If you leave the area, Lepus will despawn.

    The Fight[]

    Once you have spawned Lepus, he will be far from the player's current position and once you encounter him he will use jumping attacks and continually leap over the player, like the King Slime. He will occasionally lay small eggs which spawn Diseaster Bunnies or larger ones which spawn weaker Lepuses. Remember to destroy them if you are not confident as they may spawn more weaker Lepuses and overpower you.

    • One strategy for beginning players who do not have access to lava is to use grenades, sold by the Demolitionist. First, make a platform above Lepus and wall him in. Then, throw the grenades down at him. This usually destroys his eggs when grenades are constantly thrown. Eventually, usually after 3 stacks of grenades, Lepus is defeated. To make sure that grenades are constantly thrown at Lepus, having another player pass you grenades as you throw them makes this strategy very easy.
    • Lepus is vulnerable to lava. Make a house with a layer of thin lava so the drops don't burn. Be sure to put the thin layer of lava on top of the house and near the sides. You may want lava protection to collect the drops. Because you can summon multiple Lepuses, this is a good way to make money. See Guide:Making Money
    • Build a wall out of any material and create an opening in it. After spawning the Lepus, attack it from the other side of the wall through the opening. Most weapons will do, such as swords, bows, and guns, but for his big hit box, it's easier to use a spear (early-game players may want to use the Trident for the best result.) If you want to weaken him first, use a thorn chakram in close range.
    • In multiplayer, one player can attack the Lepus through the opening while another player focuses on destroying Lepus Eggs as they can hatch into Diseaster Bunnies or even additional, weaker versions of the Lepus.
    • The Water Bolt is a good weapon of choice if you enclose Lepus In a small area and place a layer of platforms, just out of his reach. Since the Water Bolt’s attacks bounce off walls, you can place a thin layer of lava at the bottom and use water bolts to bounce of the walls of the enclosed area, and make Lepus unable to hatch eggs.
    • If you want to get the battle done early, then you may want to buy dynamite instead of grenades. However, there is a downside to using dynamite, since it destroys more blocks. If you use dynamite, then you will want to be away from your town.

    General Strategies[]

    General Tips[]

    This content is transcluded from Guide:Practical tips § Combat.

    • Boss battles can be won or lost before the battle ever starts. Choose your equipment and have it ready; find and/or make potions and placed buffs; use the highest-tier food you have available; set up an arena appropriate to the boss; learn the strategies for the boss you're facing.
    • Prepare your Boss-fighting arena with adequate lighting, and CampfireCampfires and Heart LanternHeart Lanterns for health regeneration.

    Terrain preparation[]

    Gearing up[]

    Depending on where you're at in the game, many weapons can be used. Choose the ones available to you.


    For Melee users
    For Ranged users
    For Magic users
    • Gem staves deal decent damage, have low mana usage, and can pierce through some enemies.
    • The Roman candle is a good weapon, but has a heavy mana cost.
    • The Bee Gun's homing shots make it much easier to hit without having to aim.
    • The Aqua Scepter and Water Bolt are one of the best weapons available.
    For Summoners