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    The Moon Lord is the final boss in Terraria. Because of its high health and its numerous, highly damaging attacks, it is generally considered the hardest boss in the game.

    The following strategies will give players an easier time defeating this behemoth.

    Moon Lord
    Moon Lord.png
    Map Icon Moon Lord.png
    Map Icon
    Classic mode icon.png Classic
    Expert mode icon.png Expert
    Master mode icon.png Master
    AI TypeMoon Lord AI
    Damage(Varies per attack)
    Max Life145000217500277311 (total)
    Defense(Varies per part)
    KB Resist100%
    Immune toConfused
    Inflicts debuff
    DebuffMoon BiteMoon BiteDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions
    Debuff tooltipYou are unable to absorb healing effects
    Duration14 seconds16 seconds

    The Fight[edit | edit source]

    The Moon Lord's main attacks come from the Eyes on its hands and forehead, which are also the only parts that can be damaged.

    When the eyes on the hands are exposed, they will alternate between spawning Phantasmal Eyes and shooting Phantasmal Spheres. The eye on its forehead will instead charge up the Phantasmal Deathray, and then fire it based on the player's position.

    The eyes can only be damaged on their "active" state and they will always shoot 2 Phantasmal Bolts before closing.

    When an eye is defeated, it will detach from the main body and spawn a True Eye of Cthulhu, an unkillable enemy that uses weaker versions of the Moon Lord's attacks. The empty eye sockets will also reveal fangs which do contact damage if touched, but the Moon Lord won't directly attack with them.

    Occasionally, a tongue will spawn from its mouth and chase the player. If it connects, it will inflict the Moon Bite debuff, which prevents healing from the Vampire Knives and the Spectre Hood. The Moon Leech Clots spawned from the tongue will heal one of the Moon Lord's unkilled parts for 1000 HP if they reach its mouth. It will not heal or replace any eyes in its hands or forehead if these have already been defeated.

    The Phantasmal Sphere is the boss’s second strongest attack. It is difficult to escape its range, so the directional dodge provided by the Master Ninja Gear is very important.

    The Phantasmal Deathray is one of the strongest attacks in the game, and the player must always watch out for it, especially on Expert Mode. It can very easily finish off a player at around half health, so it must be dodged at all costs. It is only fired by the eye on its forehead, so you must be prepared for it when it opens. The safest way to dodge it is by flying over him with Wings, preferably Fishron's. It can also be dodged with a Rod of Discord by teleporting out of its path. Because of this attack it is a bad idea to keep the Moon Lord offscreen, as the player won't be able to see it coming. As of the 1.4 update, it can go through blocks, so it is no longer a good idea to shelter in a simple box against the Moon Lord.

    The Phantasmal Bolts don't do a lot of damage, but they are hard to dodge as the Moon Lord doesn't shoot directly at the player; it instead tries to predict their position, and does so very accurately. The eyes will look at the player when preparing the attack, so you can predict it as well.

    After all 3 eyes are defeated, the Moon Lord's core will be revealed, and what is arguably the hardest part of the fight will begin. The True Eyes of Cthulhu attack very frequently, quickly overwhelming even skilled players. Running away in this case is better, as the True Eyes' Deathrays have much shorter reach compared to the Moon Lord's.

    Parts[edit | edit source]

    Moon Lord
    Moon Lord's Head.gif
    Classic mode icon.png Classic
    Expert mode icon.png Expert
    Master mode icon.png Master
    Boss Part
    AI TypeMoon Lord Head AI
    Damage0 (melee)
    150 / 300 (Phantasmal Deathray)
    60 / 120 (Phantasmal Bolt)
    Max Life45000/67500/86062
    KB Resist100%
    Immune toConfused
    Moon Lord's Hand
    Moon Lord's Hand.gif
    Classic mode icon.png Classic
    Expert mode icon.png Expert
    Master mode icon.png Master
    Boss Part
    AI TypeMoon Lord Hand AI
    Damage0 (melee)
    100 / 200 (Phantasmal Sphere)
    60 / 120 (Phantasmal Eye)
    60 / 120 (Phantasmal Bolt)
    80 (Melee (eye socket))
    Max Life25000/37500/47812
    KB Resist100%
    Immune toConfused
    Moon Lord's Core
    Moon Lord's Core.gif
    Classic mode icon.png Classic
    Expert mode icon.png Expert
    Master mode icon.png Master
    Boss Part
    AI TypeMoon Lord Core AI
    Max Life50000/75000/95625
    KB Resist100%
    Immune toConfused

    General Strategies[edit | edit source]

    General tips[edit | edit source]

    This content is transcluded from Guide:Practical tips § Combat.

    Terrain preparation[edit | edit source]

    If one is having problems fighting the Moon Lord, a skybridge can be built to make the fight significantly easier. Ideally, it should extend quite far from either side of your spawn point (700-1000 platform blocks should suffice). The Moon Lord will not despawn unless all players are dead, meaning you can outrun him and heal for a while if need be. However, straying too far will cause the Moon Lord to teleport on top of you, so careful spacing is required. This is of less concern in multiplayer, as the Moon Lord will only chase one player at a time, giving the others time to retreat and heal up if necessary. A long straight Minecart Track paired with the Mechanical Minecart will help you avoid most of his attacks. Make sure to hammer the ends for bumpers or make a loop to return to the straight track.

    Console Version A simple roof made of solid blocks is useful for blocking the Phantasmal Deathray. Thickening the roof will also mitigate the explosions of the Phantasmal Eyes. You can open up holes in the roof to shoot through when the Deathray isn't active, or you can leave the roof without any holes and damage the Moon Lord exclusively with weapons that can phase through walls. Desktop and Mobile versions In 1.4, the Phantasmal Deathray will pass through blocks and damage the player below, vastly reducing the effectiveness of this strategy.

    Asphalt can still be used to dodge the tongue if you value the ability to use Vampire Knives. When the Moon Lord teleports with his tongue already chasing you, the tip of the tongue will not teleport with him. This allows you to completely outrun the tongue, avoiding Moon Bite and allowing Vampire Knives/Spectre armor to work normally.

    Terrain prep can be skipped by using a UFO Mount, although it is still wise to build some cover for the Console Version Phantasmal Rays and a NurseNurse's house

    Gearing up[edit | edit source]

    Armor[edit | edit source]

    Class Notes

    For melee users, a regenerative set consisting of the Chlorophyte MaskChlorophyte Mask, Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate, and Valhalla Knight's GreavesValhalla Knight's Greaves is the best available, outclassing even Solar Flare armor both offensively and defensively prior to 1.4.

    Chlorophyte MaskChlorophyte Mask
    Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate
    Valhalla Knight's GreavesValhalla Knight's Greaves

    While the Shinobi Infiltrator's HelmetShinobi Infiltrator's Helmet provides weaker defense and melee bonuses than the Chlorophyte Mask, it gives a significant increase to minion damage and sentry capacity. However, sentries are heavily limited by their stationary nature, making the Shinobi Infiltrator's Helmet an inferior choice unless fighting within a small arena (generally not recommended).

    Beetle armorBeetle armor is a more accessible choice. The Beetle ShellBeetle Shell is the only choice you should consider if using Beetle armor, as the Beetle Scale Mail set is outclassed offensively by the combination of the Chlorophyte Mask, Monk's Shirt, and Valhalla Knight's Greaves/Squire's Greaves. The Beetle Shell will allow you to tank a few hits more comfortably, even as a non-melee user. However, it loses effectiveness against repeated barrages, so consider it only if you are prepared to spend extra effort on dodging attacks.


    For ranged users, the strongest set consists of Shroomite armorShroomite armorShroomite armorShroomite armor with the Spooky LeggingsSpooky Leggings on the Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version / Forbidden TreadsForbidden Treads on the Console version Console version substituted into the leg slot. Even with no investment in minion damage, the Leggings/Treads' increase to minion capacity will provide a much larger total DPS increase than Shroomite Leggings, as long as you are using a Xeno Staff or either of the Stardust summoning staves. The difference is especially noticeable when using either a Stardust Dragon Staff, or Terraprisma.

    Shroomite armorShroomite armorShroomite armorShroomite armor

    Shroomite Breastplate.png

    Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version:

    Spooky LeggingsSpooky Leggings

    Console version Console version:

    Forbidden TreadsForbidden Treads

    The chest piece can be swapped with the Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate if more survivability is needed, or Red Riding DressRed Riding Dress to further increase DPS if used alongside summons.

    If you are unwilling to use a hybrid summoner set, Chlorophyte GreavesChlorophyte Greaves offer a slightly higher critical strike bonus than Shroomite Leggings, at the cost of 3 defense and 7% movement speed. The full Shroomite set also works, but it will be nearly impossible to safely activate its set bonus.


    For magic users in the Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version, the strongest armor set is the Spectre armorSpectre armor with the Mask. The Spectre HoodSpectre Hood is almost completely invalidated by the Moon Bite debuff.

    On the Console version Console version, the strongest armor is a hybrid set consisting of Hallowed HeadgearHallowed Headgear, Dark Artist's RobesDark Artist's Robes, and Dark Artist's LeggingsDark Artist's Leggings.

    On Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version:

    Spectre armorSpectre armor

    On Console version Console version:

    Hallowed HeadgearHallowed Headgear
    Dark Artist's RobesDark Artist's Robes
    Dark Artist's LeggingsDark Artist's Leggings

    Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate can be substituted into the above setup for more survivability but less damage. This combination is still offensively superior to Spectre armor on Console version Console version.

    On Console version Console version, Spectre armorSpectre armor is another viable option, though it brings nothing to the table defensively. Its set bonus provides roughly the same DPS increase as one UFO minion.


    A summoner should equip full Spooky armor ; On Console version Console version, summon as many minions as possible before swapping to the Forbidden Treads and Valhalla Knight's Breastplate, in that order. This grants maximum survivability while retaining decent minion damage/capacity bonuses.

    Spooky armorSpooky armor

    while fighting (Console version Console version):
    Spooky HelmetSpooky Helmet
    Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate
    Forbidden TreadsForbidden Treads

    On Console version Console version, those who wish to maximize minion damage while still wearing the Valhalla Knight's Breastplate should summon as many minions as possible while wearing the Shinobi Infiltrator's HelmetShinobi Infiltrator's Helmet, Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate, and Red Riding LeggingsRed Riding Leggings for maximum damage bonuses, then swap to the Spooky HelmetSpooky Helmet to summon one more minion, and finally summon two more minions while wearing the full Spooky armor set before re-equipping the Forbidden TreadsForbidden Treads and Valhalla Knight's Breastplate, in that order. The end result is the same as above with a few stronger minions, but it is more labor-intensive and requires an extra 150 Defender Medals.

    Those who cannot clear the Old One's Army can use Spooky armorSpooky armor instead. It's also the best armor to fight the Moon Lord as of, because damage changes everytime you change setup, not only if you resummon.

    Weapons[edit | edit source]

    Class Notes
    Solar EruptionSolar Eruption Solar EruptionSolar Eruption is the strongest melee weapon available, dealing massive piercing damage to all parts even from beneath a ceiling you might have set up to block the Phantasmal Deathray (Console version Console version).
    DaybreakDaybreak or Influx WaverInflux Waver DaybreakDaybreak and Influx WaverInflux Waver sacrifice power for longer range. The Influx Waver also destroys Moon Leech Clots with its sword hitbox.
    SeedlerSeedler SeedlerSeedler is the best melee weapon that does not deal piercing damage, on mobile and console, it will not interfere with the Stardust Dragon. Other melee weapons should be used with Stardust Cells, as minions and player weapons both deal the same piercing damage.
    Vortex BeaterVortex Beater Crystal BulletCrystal Bullets first phase

    Chlorophyte BulletChlorophyte Bullets second phase

    Vortex BeaterVortex Beater is the strongest gun available. Crystal BulletCrystal Bullets provide the highest DPS, while Chlorophyte BulletChlorophyte Bullets are more useful for the second phase, in which you are practically forced to retreat. They also allow you to focus more on dodging the attacks, as they home in on targets.
    PhantasmPhantasm Holy ArrowHoly Arrows with Magic QuiverMagic Quiver,

    Ichor ArrowIchor Arrows or Venom ArrowVenom Arrows

    PhantasmPhantasm with Holy ArrowHoly Arrows provides the highest DPS of any primary weapon, but the low velocity of Holy Arrows will hurt your accuracy unless using a Magic Quiver.
    If not using a Magic Quiver, Ichor ArrowIchor Arrows or Venom ArrowVenom Arrows should be used for their high velocity, making them easier to aim.
    Nebula BlazeNebula Blaze Nebula BlazeNebula Blaze deals decent DPS and is accurate, but its mana cost is difficult to sustain.
    RazorpineRazorpine or Blizzard StaffBlizzard Staff RazorpineRazorpine and Blizzard StaffBlizzard Staff have higher DPS than the Nebula Blaze and lower mana cost, but lack its homing effect.
    Nebula ArcanumNebula Arcanum Nebula ArcanumNebula Arcanum deals extremely high DPS if you can manipulate the Moon Lord into staying in roughly the same position. It also doesn't need to be aimed. However, on mobile and console, it interferes with the Stardust Dragon as minions and player weapons both deal the same piercing damage.
    Razorblade TyphoonRazorblade Typhoon Razorblade TyphoonRazorblade Typhoon has a fast, mana efficient projectile which can hit all 3 parts with the same shot. However, its single-target DPS is low, and it also interferes with the Stardust Dragon
    Betsy's WrathBetsy's Wrath Betsy's WrathBetsy's Wrath inflicts a potent defense-lowering debuff that the Moon Lord is not immune to.
    TerraprismaTerraprisma TerraprismaTerraprisma is the best summoning weapon available at this point. It synergizes well with the KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope due to its high tag damage.
    Stardust Dragon StaffStardust Dragon Staff Stardust Dragon StaffStardust Dragon Staff is a great alternative, followed closely by the Stardust Cell StaffStardust Cell Staff. On Console version Console version, Stardust Cells are preferred if your primary weapon deals piercing damage, as minions and player weapons both deal the same piercing damage. However, it is usually best not to use it other than if it is one of your primary weapons that is not used with a non-piercing weapon. Whether or not playing as a summoner, the staff can get a few hundred extra DPS, while still not having to go out of your way to get the weapon.
    Xeno StaffXeno Staff Xeno StaffXeno Staff may be preferred for its accuracy, and its high attack speed synergizes with Betsy's Wrath.
    Staff of the Frost HydraStaff of the Frost Hydra Staff of the Frost HydraStaff of the Frost Hydra is the best sentry available for use with the Shinobi Infiltrator's Helmet, but it only works if you remain in one area. It is unlikely to contribute significantly to your DPS, but there is no drawback for using it.
    KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope is the best whip available. However, the damage increase from Kaleidoscope is generally not as high as using a secondary weapon from another class and requires dangerous proximity to the Moon Lord. When used with the Valhalla Knight armor, it can serve as a primary weapon, taking advantage of the armor's regeneration, high defense and boosts to summon damage.[2]

    Accessories[edit | edit source]

    Due to the high base damage of the Moon Lord's attacks, the defense stat itself is relatively useless. The most important attributes to consider are damage/critical bonuses, mobility, regeneration, and percentage-based damage reduction.

    Purpose Notes
    The Black SpotThe Black Spot(Master Mode only)Desktop and Mobile versions The Black SpotThe Black SpotDesktop and Mobile versions offers infinite flight time without taking any accessory slots in master mode, if you can't obtain a Cosmic Car Key, Shrimpy Truffle or a Witch's Broom. But it's very slow and can be easily replaced by another mount of infinite flight time.
    Shrimpy TruffleShrimpy Truffle(Expert Mode only) Shrimpy TruffleShrimpy Truffle is the best mount for mobility, in Expert Mode or higher. It cannot outpace all attacks however. It flies significantly faster when wet.
    Slimy SaddleSlimy Saddle or Gelatinous PillionGelatinous PillionDesktop and Mobile versions If more agility is preferred, a Slimy SaddleSlimy Saddle or Gelatinous PillionGelatinous PillionDesktop and Mobile versions can be used to return to the ground quickly and reset your flight time, and also serves as a makeshift downward dodge.
    Cosmic Car KeyCosmic Car Key Cosmic Car KeyCosmic Car Key offers infinite flight without taking up an accessory slot, but is slower than most Wings of the same tier.
    Fishron WingsFishron Wings Betsy's WingsBetsy's Wings or Empress WingsEmpress Wings Having any Wings is almost a requirement when dodging the Moon Lord's attacks. These are the best wings available before defeating him for the first time. The Steampunk WingsSteampunk Wings are a weaker but more accessible option for those who don't want to farm Duke Fishron or Betsy for the not-guaranteed wings drop.
    Frog LegFrog Leg or any Shiny Red Balloon.pngballoon accessory A Frog LegFrog Leg or any of its upgrades or any balloon accessory makes wings ascend significantly faster, which helps a lot when dodging projectiles or racing against the Phantasmal Deathray.
    Soaring InsigniaSoaring Insignia(Expert Mode only) Although exclusive to Expert Mode or higher, the Soaring Insignia is by far the most important movement accessory after any wings. Unlimited flight time and greatly increased ascent, flight, and ground movement speed will allow a far easier time evading any attacks.
    Master Ninja GearMaster Ninja Gear or Shield of CthulhuShield of Cthulhu(Expert Mode only) Master Ninja GearMaster Ninja Gear offers a dash for horizontal dodging and a 10% chance to not take damage from a hit. The wall traversal abilities are less relevant during a boss fight but don't hurt. In Expert Mode, the Shield of Cthulhu dash can be used instead, which also provides a few invincibility frames that could help dodge an attack if properly timed.
    Damage dealing
    Warrior Emblem.pngRanger Emblem.pngSorcerer Emblem.pngSummoner Emblem.pngany Emblem accessory The starting emblems remain viable, reliable damage boosters even near the end-game, although they are not recommended for multiclassing. These stack with all other emblem items such as the Avenger Emblem and Destroyer Emblem, which may be of interest if pure damage maximization is your goal.
    Celestial ShellCelestial Shell The Celestial Shell is the best general purpose accessory, providing decent combat, defense, and healing boosts, more so during night.
    Mechanical GloveMechanical Glove (or Fire GauntletFire GauntletDesktop version) Recommended Melee accessories. 12% melee damage and melee speed is a great boost. Console VersionOld-gen console versionMobile version3DS version Its 'upgrade' has weaker boosts in exchange for applying the 'on fire' debuff, which is not worth the exchange with late game weapons; use the Mechanical Glove itself.
    Stalker's QuiverStalker's Quiver Recommended Ranger accessories. Critical strike chance is the priority for rangers, since most individual shots or arrows are of only moderate damage when fighting high defense opponents like Moon Lord. It is the frequency of critical hits that can seriously boost total damage.
    Recon ScopeRecon Scope
    Celestial EmblemCelestial Emblem Recommended Mage accessories. 15% magic damage which stacks with the 15% of the Sorcerer Emblem is never bad, but late game mage weapons may require better mana regeneration over pure damage output.
    Papyrus ScarabPapyrus Scarab Recommended Summoner accessories. Maximizing pure damage is best for summoners, which can be done by increasing the number of minions and the strength of all minions. Papyrus Scarab offer 25% damage, increased knockback, and +1 minion and is the clear priority. Ogre accessories offer 10% minion damage, and Pygmy Necklace offers +1 minion. Remember that the already summoned minions' stats do not change when you change your accessories, so using one set for maximum damage boosts while summoning the first minions, and then switching out for minion capacity accessories to summon the rest, offers the best total damage.
    Pygmy NecklacePygmy Necklace
    Apprentice's Scarf.pngSquire's Shield.pngHuntress's Buckler.pngMonk's Belt.pngany Ogre accessory
    Celestial ShellCelestial Shell The Celestial Shell is a great general-purpose accessory, and it also provides +1 HP/s life generation, or +1.5 HP/s at night.
    Charm of Myths.png
    Charm of Myths
    The Charm of Myths is a great accessory to use in boss fights as it offers increased health regeneration and reduces the Potion Sickness debuff by 25%. Note: The effects of the Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone / Charm of Myths.png Charm of Myths are only applied the instant a Healing Potion is drunk, so it can be kept in a vanity slot until the player needs to heal, and swapped back into the vanity slot afterwards.
    Super Healing PotionSuper Healing Potions Be sure to use Super Healing Potions, which are absolutely worth the Celestial Fragments required to craft them, and you shouldn't need more than four.
    Mana Regeneration
    Magnet FlowerMagnet Flower The Mana Flower offers the automatic consumption of mana potions while reducing mana consumption by 8%. The Celestial Magnet greatly increases the range from which Mana Stars may be collected, which is useful when considering the great distances traversed at high speed while dodging the Moon Lord's attacks. Both together provide the best mana regeneration accessory available.
    Mana CloakMana Cloak If a Celestial Emblem is being used, a Mana Cloak may be preferred to a Magnet Flower, as the Celestial Magnet effects do not stack. It offers the crucial benefits of a Mana Flower, in addition to an extra source of mana restoration and potential extra damage to the boss when damage is taken.
    Damage reduction
    Cross NecklaceCross Necklace or Star VeilStar Veil Either item doubles the immunity time after taking damage from 40 frames to 80 frames, or ~0.67 seconds to ~1.33 seconds. When tanking damage, this effectively halves the incoming damage.
    Frozen ShieldFrozen Shield 25% damage reduction when below half health is a great way to stay alive during the hectic second phase, and the shield's knockback immunity makes it easier to avoid being ping-ponged between different projectiles. The 6 defense is a nice bonus on top.
    Worm ScarfWorm Scarf(Expert Mode only) 17% damage reduction at all HP levels helps survivability.
    Brain of ConfusionBrain of Confusion(Expert Mode only) 1/6 chance of not taking damage is on average the same as 17% damage reduction, but it can be the difference between life and death when the individual attacks are as strong as Moon Lord's are. The 20% critical strike chance boost when the dodge activates increases DPS significantly. Moon Lord is immune to Confused so that effect has no impact.

    Every accessory should have the Lucky or Menacing Modifier. For hybrid summoner builds, Menacing is preferred.

    Potions[edit | edit source]


    • As mentioned above, the Rod of DiscordRod of Discord is another way to avoid the Phantasmal Deathray. There is no need to worry about Chaos State, as the Moon Lord uses the attack on a timed interval, allowing for the teleport debuff to wear off.

    Specific Strategies[edit | edit source]

    Synchronized release (Console version Console version)[edit | edit source]

    For those who want to fight the Moon Lord conventionally, it is highly recommended to synchronize the release of the True Eyes of Cthulhu. To do this, the health of the Moon Lord's head and hands must be brought to zero at a very precise moment in the True Eye of Cthulhu's attack pattern. Prepare by bringing all three of the Moon Lord's eyes to a very low amount of health, and release one. After the True Eye of Cthulhu fires a Phantasmal Deathray, another True Eye of Cthulhu must be released during the Phantasmal Sphere attack that immediately follows the Deathray. The timing is indicated by a unique noise. If done correctly, the newly released True Eyes of Cthulhu will attack in the same pattern, making them far simpler to dodge. This is unnecessary on the Desktop version Desktop version, as the attacks are automatically synchronized.

    Duck Statues[edit | edit source]

    Summoning Moon Lord then maximizing the enemy count via Duck Statues with water underneath them will prevent the True Eyes of Cthulhu from spawning when they are taken out, making the final phase far easier. (This is no longer possible due to the duck glitch being removed in the 1.4 update)

    Regenerative facetank[edit | edit source]

    It is possible to defeat the Moon Lord while making no attempt to dodge its attacks whatsoever. While wearing a Squire's Great Helm, Valhalla Knight's Breastplate, and Cross Necklace while fully buffed, one can heal off all the damage that the Moon Lord deals without ever being in too much danger. The leg slot can be filled with Valhalla Knight's Greaves, Desktop and Mobile versions Spooky Leggings / Console Version Forbidden Treads, or Dark Artist's Leggings to boost melee, summoning, or magic damage output, respectively. (Ranged has no good bonuses in the leg slot.) In Classic Mode, if you do not have access to the Old One's Army, simply wearing armor pieces that provide the highest available defense will also work, as long as you are buffed with Regeneration, Lifeforce, Endurance, and Ironskin.

    Simply stand in a pool of honey, grapple yourself in place, and chip away at the Moon Lord’s exposed parts. Most weapons will be far easier to aim now that the Moon Lord is no longer moving around.

    Since you will be immobile for this fight, you can use accessories specialized entirely towards damage mitigation, regeneration, and damage output, with your priorities roughly in that order. If you're playing on Console version Console version, it’s also not a bad idea to place a solid platform at least 7 blocks wide in the sky solely to block the Phantasmal Deathray, which will still severely dent your health bar. Doing this will make it more difficult to deal significant damage to the eye in its forehead, though weapons like the Stardust Dragon Staff, Solar Eruption, Nebula Arcanum, and Blizzard Staff will still work. Keep in mind that given the damage boosts that the Moon Lord has in Expert Mode, this is not a suitable strategy for this difficulty level.

    In Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version, the Phantasmal Deathray will pass through blocks, and the life regeneration bonus of Squire's Great Helm and Valhalla Knight's Breastplate were reduced to half, making this strategy less effective. This strategy is still viable, though it will now require full tanking gears. For the leg slot, Valhalla Knight's Greaves is recommended, since it has the highest defense. All accessory slots should be filled with defensive accessories, all reforged to Warding. In Normal Mode, Celestial Shell, Star Veil (Cross Necklace), Frozen Shield, and other two defensive accessories (such as Flesh Knuckles or Black Belt) with buff potions mentioned above will let you safely kill the Moon Lord while maintaining almost full health.

    In Expert Mode, this strategy still works, with additional requirements: Worm Scarf and/or Brain of Confusion, and an arena consisting of Campfire, Heart Lantern, Honey, Bast Statue, and Heart Statues. In Master Mode, however, the above settings do not work, because the life regeneration of the armor gets overwhelmed by the massive damage of the boss. The solution is to invest more in damage reduction and dodge chance, rather than defense and regeneration. Since the effect of damage reduction and dodge chance is proportional to the damage of the enemy, it is much more effective in Master Mode. The best armor available for this purpose is Turtle armor. Note that you will take damage constantly, so Beetle armor won't be able to stack Beetle Endurance buff, making it a worse choice than Turtle armor. Since the armor set doesn't contain any regeneration, Dryad's Blessing buff and at least three Heart Statues are required in addition to Expert Mode requirements. For the accessories, Star Veil (Cross Necklace), Frozen Shield, and Worm Scarf are necessary. Brain of Confusion, Black Belt (Master Ninja Gear), and Celestial Shell are recommended. For the remaining slot, Shiny Stone or Flesh Knuckles is a good choice. With this setup, it is possible to facetank Moon Lord in Master Mode.

    Minecart and Teleporters (Console version Console version only)[edit | edit source]

    For this strategy, a very long railway with bumper ends should be made in a straight line. Make sure to build a ceiling above to block Moon Lord's Deathray.

    A Minecart's speed makes it very easy to avoid the Phantasmal Spheres and Bolts, and as mentioned previously, the Deathray will be blocked by the Ceiling. When you reach the end of the track, the Bumper end will quickly change your direction while also keeping your momentum. A Teleporter wired from the beginning to end can also serve the same purpose if triggered with a Pressure Plate Track.

    If you have a Mechanical CartMechanical Cart(Expert only), make a minecart track across the whole world. Go slowly and attack, but if you are almost dead, go fast until you heal. (If you go at full speed he constantly teleports and cannot attack.)

    Wearing Beetle Armor with Beetle ShellBeetle Shell and having all accessories forged to Warding can be a good method to complement this strategy. A Vortex Beater with Chlorophyte Bullets, Nebula Blaze or other weapons with homing capabilities allows for you to continuously go at max speed while shooting backward. This will allow you to dodge most of the damage and do efficient damage while staying safe.

    Shelter strategy[edit | edit source]

    This strategy does not directly apply to 1.4, where the Phantasmal Deathray can pass through solid blocks. If you use this in 1.4, make sure to have a Rod of Discord to teleport to the other side of the Deathray, and enough room in your shelter to have time to react and teleport.

    This strategy is based on exploiting the fact that a lot of Moon Lord's attacks can't go through walls.

    A half screen-width wide, 6-12 tiles high shelter must be built. Make sure to add Heart Statues, Heart Lanterns, and Honey for better regeneration. A weapon with the ability to attack through blocks such as the Solar Eruption must be used to attack him.

    While inside the Shelter, only the Phantasmal Spheres will be able to hit the player, making for a very easy fight.

    • A smaller shelter is acceptable. Simply build a small 2-story house mid-air with honey on the top floor (and other items mentioned above except for heart statues), and move the nurse downstairs. When you are damaged below 200 health, simply pay the nurse for more health.
    • The top-tier armor sets sold by the Tavernkeep can make this strategy especially viable, as they allow the placement of powerful sentries outside of the 'box' and also boost the damage of the Stardust Dragon Staff. With accessories that increase minions and minion damage, they can finish off the Moon Lord in a couple of minutes or less. When using this strategy, it's important to include a row of platforms below the shelter to place sentries once the heart is visible.
    • Hoiking the walls (via hammered down platforms) can allow your projectiles to pass through walls. Ensure the nurse cannot simply walk through the walls when using this method. Objectively most of the moon lord's attacks pierce walls and it could be just the same without walls on the sides of your box at all.
    • When the talking menu with the nurse is open she can't heal herself, it is extremely important that you close the menu to let her heal.

    Cute Fishron[edit | edit source]

    This strategy utilizes the Shrimpy Truffle mount from Expert Duke Fishron. A large water arena (at least 100x20) large enough when riding Cute Fishron will greatly increase mobility, as well as saving accessory slots that would have been used for mobility. Pumps can be used to speed up the construction of the arena. Desktop and Mobile versions Alternatively, in 1.4, it is only necessary to wait for rain, as Cute Fishron's bonuses also apply during the rain.

    With Cute Fishron's speed, you can outrun the Leech, circle around the Deathray and dodge the Phantasmal Spheres quite easily, while also getting a small damage increase.

    The Hoik Method[edit | edit source]

    This is the easiest, but longest way of fighting/farming the Moon Lord. It doesn't require much in the means of equipment, other than what you would probably have already at this point in the game. It will require patience as the battle will be lengthy, but this is a sure-fire way of winning that only requires clicking the mouse to use.

    A full write and example can be found here.

    Cavalry Method[edit | edit source]

    Similarly to the minecart method, using a fast mount, like the Blessed Apple can make the fight easier. By setting up teleporters at the end of a long skybridge while using a weapon with tracking capabilities will allow you to outrun most of his attacks. Asphalt can be used for greater speed, at the cost of speed reset when flying.

    Ramming into Eye Sockets (Master Mode Only)[edit | edit source]

    In Master Mode, all attacks of the Moon Lord have their damage tripled, except for the contact damage of the eye socket, which deals 80 as in Normal Mode. It means that if your defense is higher or equal to 79, you will only take 1 damage from it while triggering invincibility frames. To utilize this, you need: Armor and accessories setup with more than 78 defense, Star Veil (Cross Necklace) which elongates invincibility frames, a shield to prevent knockback, and The Black Spot to keep up with the movement of eye sockets. You will have to somehow take out one eye to use this strategy, though. After that, you can just follow and touch the empty eye socket while shooting at other parts of the boss. This strategy is much less effective as of 1.4.1.

    Nurse strategy[edit | edit source]

    The Nurse can heal you anytime you take damage, so by utilizing her the player will not have to worry about damage at all. The nurse has a low chance of dying in that all NPCs take reduced damage. Furthermore, the Nurse's ability to heal herself makes damage she takes minimal. To use this to the best effect, build a house for the Nurse, turn on autopause, and use a powerful summon like the Stardust Dragon. Just stay in the Nurse's house, healing whenever you take a lot of damage, and let the summon do all the work. You won't have to worry about dying, and the summon will kill the Moon Lord eventually. As of version 1.4, the cost of healing with the Nurse was re-balanced and is now much much more expensive, up to 30 gold per heal in the worst case scenario. If you consider using this strategy, be sure to prepare with lots of money to spare. Note: This strategy is considered cheesy by most players.

    Asphalt Skybridge[edit | edit source]

    Using asphalt blocks as a base for a skybridge can help in evading the Moon Lord's attacks as well as provide time for health regeneration. By putting pools of honey along with campfires and heart statues you can take more damage and heal faster. Ranged weapons work best for this strategy such as the Daybreak for melee, Vortex Beater for ranger, Stardust Dragon Staff for summoner (along with a whip to target parts of the Moon Lord while you are running), and the Nebula Blaze for mage. If you get too far away from the Moon Lord and he teleports to you, fly up and around him and continue running away.

    1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method RegisterBoss_MoonLord() in Terraria.GameContent.ItemDropRules.ItemDropDatabase.cs There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is