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This is a Guide page.
This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.
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  • Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version
    Old-gen console/3DS-Only Content: This information applies only to the Old-gen console and 3DS versions of Terraria.

    Ocram is the second endgame boss on the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, alongside Duke Fishron. Ocram spawns Servants of Ocram throughout the entire battle. They can be deadly if not killed right away. The battle has two phases, with the second phase being the most difficult.

    The Battle[]

    Ocram's hitbox is not very accurate to his sprite, so some attacks will fail to damage him. To reduce the chance of missing, aim for his eyes.

    Ocram's second form is extremely dangerous; he'll fire waves of Demon Scythe spells. If you get caught in one of these waves, you will lose most of your health, so make sure to avoid them. He will also fire large laser barrages during this phase, so you will want to have mobility accessories equipped, such as the Lightning Boots.

    General Strategies[]

    General Tips[]

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    • For nocturnal bosses, starting the battle just after the sun sets (7:30 PM) will provide the maximum amount of time to defeat the boss. In Hardmode, the Moon CharmMoon Charm and/or Moon StoneMoon Stone and their upgrades are also useful at night.
    • Boss battles can be won or lost before the battle ever starts. Choose your equipment and have it ready; find and/or make potions and placed buffs; use the highest-tier food you have available; set up an arena appropriate to the boss; learn the strategies for the boss you're facing.
    • Prepare your Boss-fighting arena with adequate lighting, and CampfireCampfires and Heart LanternHeart Lanterns for health regeneration.

    Arena Preparation[]

    • It is advised to build a long, straight platform, similar to a platform used to fight the Wall of Flesh or The Twins.

    Gearing Up[]


    For Melee users:

    • Using a sword with ranged capabilities, such as the Terra Blade, True Night's Edge, True Excalibur, or Beam Sword, can be very effective, since one will be able to dodge Ocram's ranged attacks more effectively.
    • If the player has not yet acquired any of the aforementioned swords, an easier sword to obtain is the Chlorophyte Claymore; it is not very useful at close range, but it fires orbs which deal a decent amount of damage.
    • Boomerangs, such as Light Discs, will work well. If the player has defeated the Golem, the Possessed Hatchet will do large amounts of damage with a good modifier.
    • If you have completed the Pumpkin Moon, The Horseman's Blade is a very solid choice. Killing the Servants of Ocram will spawn homing pumpkin projectiles, allowing you to damage Ocram from afar.
    • Using Flasks is an easy way to boost your DPS; the most useful flask is the Flask of Ichor, as it will lower Ocram's defense.
      • If you are looking for a profit, you can use a Flask of Gold alongside the Flasks of Ichor, although this flask provides no offensive bonuses.
    • Vampire Knives are very useful as a secondary weapon, due to their life stealing ability.

    For Ranged users:

    For Magic users:

    • The Razorpine is the best option available for magic users due to its extremely high DPS, although Greater Mana Potions may need to be used to offset its high Mana cost.
    • The Razorblade Typhoon is another powerful choice. It is especially useful for taking out Ocram's Servants.
    • The Magical Harp is an acceptable choice against Ocram if one's arena has walls on each side for the projectiles to bounce off of.
    • Using a Shadowbeam Staff in an enclosed area can deal massive amounts of damage to both Ocram and his Servants.
    • The Golden Shower is extremely useful if used to inflict the Ichor debuff periodically, as this debuff will reduce Ocram's defense to 0.
    • The Inferno Fork is an excellent weapon against Ocram, as Ocram is not immune to the On Fire debuff. This weapon is also effective for taking out the Servants of Ocram.

    For Summoners:


    • Melee users should equip Beetle Armor. If one is fighting Ocram before defeating Golem, Chlorophyte Armor should be used instead.
    • Rangers should use Shroomite Armor. Chlorophyte Armor is an acceptable substitute if Shroomite is unavailable.
    • For magic users, the best option is Spectre Armor. On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, the Spectre Mask should be used for the majority of the fight, and one should only equip the Hood when their health is low.
    • Summoners should summon most of their minions while having Spooky Armor equipped, then switch to the Tiki Armor to summon an extra, slightly weaker minion.