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  • The Pumpkin Moon is a post-Plantera Hardmode event triggered by activating the Pumpkin Moon Medallion. The event is very rewarding if you can successfully keep pace, providing a large amounts of money and good weapons by the end of the night.

    However, the event is also difficult and requires a lot of preparation.

    The Event[edit | edit source]

    Mourning Wood
    Mourning Wood.png
    Map Icon Mourning Wood.png
    Map Icon
    Classic mode icon.png Classic
    Expert mode icon.png Expert
    Master mode icon.png Master
    AI TypeMourning Wood AI
    Damage120/180/270 (melee) [1]
    100200300 (Flaming Wood, health ≥ 25%)
    150300450 (Flaming Wood, health < 25%)
    80160240 (Greek Fire, health ≥ 25%)
    100200300 (Greek Fire, health < 25%)
    Max Life12000/15600/19890
    KB Resist100%
    Immune toPoisonedConfused

    The event consists of 14 waves, with a final Wave 15 which will last until the end of the night. As the event goes on, stronger enemies and unique bosses will appear.

    During the first few Waves, a large number of ScarecrowScarecrows, HellhoundHellhounds and SplinterlingSplinterlings will appear. These enemies only have average stats, so a weapon with good crowd control abilities will clear the first waves fairly fast.

    The first miniboss, the Mourning Wood will start appearing on Wave 4. This enemy will walk towards the player, and then shoot Flaming Wood when it stops moving. It can also leave Greek Fire on the ground. While it can prove to be rather easy to kill, on later waves many of them will spawn, so one can easily get overwhelmed by their projectiles.

    From Wave 5 the PoltergeistPoltergeists and Headless HorsemanHeadless Horsemen will start appearing. These are weaker than the Boss enemies, but much stronger than the average ones. Even if they are not a threat by themselves, they can be very dangerous combined with the minibosses.

    On Wave 7, the main Boss of the Event will appear, the Pumpking. It behaves similarly to Skeletron; attempting to stay above the player and attacking with the blades on its arms. The most dangerous attack it has are its Flame Scythes: a large, highly damaging projectile that speeds up over time, similar to Demon Scythes. It's rather slow for a boss enemy, so it can be easily outran and dodged by moving in wide circles.

    The further the player has progressed, the more boss enemies will be able to spawn at once, and their chance to drop an item will also increase. On the Final Wave, up to seven of each boss can appear, and they will always drop an item and their respective trophy.

    Preparation[edit | edit source]

    General Tips[edit | edit source]

    This content is transcluded from Guide:Practical tips § Combat.

    • Starting the battle just after the sun sets (7:30 PM) will provide the maximum amount of time to defeat nocturnal bosses. In Hardmode, the Moon CharmMoon Charm and/or Moon StoneMoon Stone and their upgrades are also useful at night.
    • Prepare your Boss-fighting arena with adequate lighting, CampfireCampfires and Heart LanternHeart Lanterns for health regeneration, and Star in a BottleStars in Bottles for mana regeneration if you use magic. Bast StatueBast StatuesDesktop and Mobile versions will provide a significant defensive boost. Garden GnomeGarden GnomesDesktop and Mobile versions and (if underground) proper torch placementDesktop and Mobile versions will reduce damage taken and increase damage dealt due to the luck. Note Torch God's Favor helps with this. HoneyHoney pools can also be used for extra health regeneration.
    • Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions SunflowerSunflowers provide the Happy! buff to players within a 50-tile radius, which grants a +10% movement speed bonus and 17% reduction in enemy spawn rate.
    • Always carry around one stack of the highest-tier healing potion available (Lesser Healing PotionLesser, Healing PotionNormal, Greater Healing PotionGreater, or Super Healing PotionSuper Healing PotionsDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions). Relying only on natural Health Regeneration is not a good idea.
    • It is suggested to build houses for the DryadDryad and the NurseNurse NPCs in your arena. The former casts the Dryad's BlessingDryad's BlessingDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions buff, which increases your defense and provides you with a thorns-like effect, while the latter can heal and remove debuffs instantly, at the cost of some Silver Coincoins.
    • Bosses are displayed on the Minimap: Follow the boss's icon to track it when you're struggling to find it. You can identify the boss icons by checking their respective wiki pages.
    • Once you have freed the MechanicMechanic in the Dungeon, you can use WireWire to enhance your arena with Dart TrapTraps and helpful Heart StatueHeart and Star StatueStar Statues. The former helps to damage the enemies, though be careful to set them up correctly in order not to hurt yourself during the battle. The latter will spawn heart and star pickups, respectively. Connect these devices to 3 Second Timertimers.
    • It may be useful to summon and kill the Eye of Cthulhu or King Slime before summoning any harder boss in order to spawn an extra one-use pool of Hearts. Note that this will prevent any Heart Statues from spawning new Hearts.
    • Remember to use the Sharpening StationSharpening StationDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions, Ammo BoxAmmo BoxDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions, Crystal BallCrystal Ball, Bewitching TableBewitching TableDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions, and Slice of CakeSlice of CakeDesktop and Mobile versions before you go to explore or battle bosses/invasions. These will give boosts that are useful to take, with the first four being class-specific. They give SharpenedSharpenedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions, Ammo Box (buff)Ammo BoxDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions, ClairvoyanceClairvoyance, BewitchedBewitchedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions, and Sugar RushSugar RushDesktop and Mobile versions, respectively.

    Terrain Preparation[edit | edit source]

    This content is transcluded from Guide:Arena.

    Extensive arena for the Moon Events, making heavy use of platforms, Asphalt and passive healing tiles.
    Example of an arena, making heavy use of Traps. Note that on higher difficulties, Traps are hardly useful.

    The Pumpkin and Frost Moons are much easier to handle with the proper arena.

    A flat surface about 168 blocks wide (See NPC spawning) will focus all spawns on the arena. Above it there should be a long platform of the same width, high above the ground in order to keep grounded enemies out of reach.

    Since the player will mostly focus on the Bosses on the later waves, Lava pit and Traps may be helpful to take out the weaker enemies more easily. However, on higher difficulties the Traps' low damage is practically useless against the higher-health enemies, making them almost a liability due to the invincibility frames they provide and the risk of being hit by them and taking massive damage in the process.

    It's also a good idea to make a room with a BedBed near the Arena, so in case of death you can quickly get back to it.

    Gearing up[edit | edit source]

    The event can be summoned at any time post-Plantera, but it is usually done after Golem and Duke Fishron have been defeated, and before the Frost Moon.

    Armor[edit | edit source]

    Weapons[edit | edit source]

    For Melee users
    • The FlaironFlairon is a very strong weapon for both crowd control and single targets. Scourge of the CorruptorScourge of the Corruptor works similarly.
    • Influx WaverInflux WaverDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions and Terra BladeTerra Blade are very strong swords. The former should only be used against the bosses, as the latter has better crowd control.
    • The Paladin's HammerPaladin's Hammer is very good for crowds and decent against bosses.
    • Possessed HatchetPossessed Hatchet is fast and deals decent damage, but it becomes ineffective in the later waves, as there will be too many boss enemies for it to handle.
    • The Fetid BaghnakhsFetid BaghnakhsDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions deal extreme damage to Mourning Woods and other grounded enemies.
    • Vampire KnivesVampire Knives can be used to quickly heal in critical situations, but have lower DPS than most other options.
    • Once you've killed your first few Pumpkings, the event can be made a cakewalk by using The Horseman's Blade with any type of Statue that summons a hostile mob on a timer in a enclosed safe space above the ground. Using this method will cause the blades effect to activate upon hitting the entity spawned by the statue safe distance allowing the Flaming Jacks summoned by the sword to do all the damage, while allowing the player to remain in safety. This will become troublesome after wave 4 as Mourning Woods will attempt to shoot the player between intervals with their Flaming Wood projectile being able to pass through solid ground. In this time it is recommended to leave the statue chamber, wait for the barrage to end and then retreat back to the statue chamber. This can also be applied to the Frost Moon before wave 11 when the Ice Queen spawns.
    For Ranged users
    For Magic users
    For Summoners

    Accessories[edit | edit source]

    Accessories should be modified to Lucky or Menacing for the event.

    Mounts[edit | edit source]

    The use of mounts can save accessory slots that would've been used for mobility.

    Potions[edit | edit source]

    Specific strategies[edit | edit source]

    • Console and Mobile versions Do not use weapons applying debuffs as most enemies are immune to all debuffs making them inefficient.
    • A very good way to go through waves, until any Pumpkings arrive at wave 7, and even kill some if aiming correctly, is to use a Cannon at a platform 37 blocks high from the ground (where the enemies are) as each Cannonball deals 300 damage, which is devastating for the early waves even for Mourning Woods. In addition, most attacks cannot hit the player.
    • Using Dynamite with an explosion-proof arena causes splash damage that can demolish early waves. During the later waves, with Mourning Woods and/or Pumpking
    • With the Cosmic Car Key, an effective technique against Pumpking is to move in a diamond formation around him while targeting him. This is especially effective if you place sentries such as the Frost Hydra or Queen Spider to deal with enemies below.
      • Console Version While the Martian Saucer which you must defeat to obtain the car key are just as difficult or more than the Pumpking, you can cheese them by staying in a house and attacking via minions, sentries, or a yo-yo.
    • Both Pumpkings and Mourning Wood drop some hearts upon being defeated. In later waves (especially the final one), when you're swarmed by several of these monsters at once, a player with a Cross Necklace, Heartreach Potion, high Defense and a damaging weapon can potentially heal from killing them faster than they can damage you.
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