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This is a Guide page.
This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.
Status: Revised (This Guide got revised and is up to date!)
See also: Dungeon.

Map view of a Dungeon.

After defeating Skeletron in a world, the player will gain access to the full Dungeon. This place contains a lot of items and weapons that will ease progression, so players will usually explore it before fighting the Wall of Flesh.

In Pre-Hardmode, the Dungeon is usually done after exploring the The Corruption or The Crimson, before or after the Jungle, and before the Underworld.

In Hardmode, the Dungeon will start spawning much stronger enemies after defeating Plantera, and the player will find the Cultists at the entrance after Golem has been defeated.


Recommended Gear[]

While Skeletron can be defeated at any time, it is recommended to do so with the gear obtained from the Jungle and the Corruption/Crimson, as it is the best available at this point.


  • Melee and Ranged players benefit equally from Crimson armor. Fossil armor is the only ranged-oriented set at this point, but its mediocre stats mean it is not worth spending extra effort to obtain if it is not already in the player's possession.
  • The Corruption exclusive Shadow armor trades the regeneration and the small damage upgrade from Crimson armor for much higher movement and melee speed.
  • Meteor or Jungle armor are the best for Magic users. The former combines very well with the Space GunSpace Gun, while Jungle armor works better with other weapons.
  • Summoners can use Bee armor to maximize minion power, or Obsidian armor to focus on whips.
  • Fossil armor is the best choice for Throwing users.





The Dungeon can be found on the far left or far right of the map, opposite to the Underground Desert chasm and Jungle, and in the same side of the Snow biome. If you find a desert with a chasm, the dungeon can be found on the other side of the map. If the player tries to enter the Dungeon before Skeletron is killed, the Dungeon Guardians will instantly kill them when reaching the Underground depth.


Just like the Jungle, the Dungeon has a much higher spawn rate than a normal biome, so it is easy to get overwhelmed by enemies. It is better to progress slowly, taking out any Water CandleWater Candles seen as they will boost the spawn rate even further. The player will have to deal with many Angry Bones, as well as Cursed SkullCursed Skulls and Dark CasterDark Casters. The latter two have the ability to attack through blocks, so caution is still needed when taking cover. Blazing WheelBlazing Wheels and Spike Balls can also spawn. They cannot be killed and will do a lot of damage even if they do not directly target the player. Dart TrapDart Traps are also more common than in other biomes, so at first, a Dangersense PotionDangersense Potion might be useful.

Unlike other biomes, the Gold ChestGold Chests found in the Dungeon are locked, so Golden KeyGolden Keys will be needed to open them. They are a guaranteed drop from Dungeon SlimeDungeon Slimes and a rare drop from other enemies. They can also be found in the occasional Wooden Chest. When looted, they contain a unique weapon, the Cobalt Shield accessory, or the Shadow KeyShadow Key, which is needed to open Shadow Chests in The Underworld; as well as the standard Cavern loot. Special chest loot is spawned in a sequential order, so if the player is missing some items it may be wise to ensure none have been skipped in earlier rooms or splits in the path (see discussion).

The player may also find the Bound MechanicBound Mechanic. She can be saved by right clicking her, and then she will move in to an empty house if it is available. If she is killed after being released, she will still respawn like any other NPC. She provides access to the Wire Cutter, as well as the Mechanical Lens informational accessory, both of which are handy for avoiding wired traps in the Dungeon and elsewhere.

Other Tips[]

  • When there are forks in the corridor, closing them with blocks can stop the Angry Bones from overwhelming the player from behind or other directions. This makes it easier to clear one path at a time.
  • False walls often hide passages through the dungeon. Mining through them can be greatly sped up by rapidly using any grappling hook or throwing Grenades (their sticky variant can help for controlled blasting).
  • Moving far enough off-screen causes an inconvenient Spiky Ball or Blazing Wheel to despawn and disappear.
  • Spikes can be removed with a Pickaxe, or from a distance with BombBombs. Higher pickaxe power will help you mine them faster.
  • Dungeon Bricks can be mined, allowing for new entrances to the Dungeon through a safe mineshaft, or a quick retreat/resupply in case of danger.
  • Dart TrapDart Traps can be disabled by harvesting them with a Pickaxe.
  • If the player wants the Ankh Shield, it is better to farm for the NazarNazar in Pre-Hardmode as it is more difficult to get it from the Post-Plantera Dungeon.
    • It may be a good idea to prepare a large open area for farming monsters before defeating Plantera, before the difficulty increases.

Post-Plantera Dungeon[]

The dungeon becomes much more dangerous with the defeat of Plantera. When it is defeated, the message "Screams are echoing from the dungeon..." will appear and much stronger enemies start to spawn. Additionally, enemies with more than 100 health have a small chance of spawning a Dungeon SpiritDungeon Spirit, which drops EctoplasmEctoplasm when killed. This new material is used for the Spectre armor, which is the best available for mages until the Moon Lord has been defeated. It is also used to summon the Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon. The Biome Chests found previously can now be opened with their respective Keys.

Recommended Gear[]

Like every other Hardmode environment, it is better to go in well prepared. It is not a bad idea to defeat the Golem in the Jungle Temple beforehand, as the boss is not too difficult but it drops very good weapons and accessories.


Access and Location[]

For fast access to the dungeon it is best to use a MinecartMinecart track or a TeleporterTeleporter. It is recommended to dig a tunnel down to the main part of the dungeon, so the entrance shaft can be skipped. Choose a farming spot carefully. Stay as close to the entrance as possible, so that it is easy to retrieve dropped items after death. The location should be protected from monsters spawning above. Last, but not least, choose a spot where there is more or less equal distribution of brick, slab and tiled walls for even enemy spawning (see below).


Enemy spawns depend on the Background Walls of an area. A wall type contains its own variant of the Armored Bones, a Caster enemy, and a Skeleton with a ranged weapon. There is also a low chance that an enemy from another wall type will spawn as well.

Brick Walls[]

  • Blue Armored BonesBlue Armored BonesBlue Armored BonesBlue Armored BonesBlue Armored Bones will spawn on them. Compared to the other two, they deal the overall lowest damage but are also the hardest to kill, having higher health, defense and knockback resistance. They inflict the Broken ArmorBroken Armor debuff on hit.
  • NecromancerNecromancers are the casters of the area. They teleport very frequently and their beams are very hard to predict, but unlike the other two they cannot attack through blocks. They inflict the SlowSlow debuff on hit, and have a low chance of dropping the Shadowbeam StaffShadowbeam Staff.
  • Skeleton CommandoSkeleton Commandos use a Rocket Launcher to attack. The rocket is very strong and will explode on contact with any tile. They may drop their Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher when killed.
  • Additionally, the PaladinPaladin miniboss can spawn in these walls. It has a lot of health, defense and knockback immunity, making it very hard to kill. Its hammer attack also goes through blocks. Despite this, it is not very mobile, and it cannot attack while taking damage from a player, so these two traits should be exploited when fighting it. It may drop the Paladin's HammerPaladin's Hammer and/or the Paladin's ShieldPaladin's Shield when killed.

Slab Walls[]

  • Rusty Armored BonesRusty Armored BonesRusty Armored BonesRusty Armored BonesRusty Armored Bones will be found in this area. They have the overall highest damage, and average health and defense. They inflict either BleedingBleeding or SlowSlow on hit, but never both.
  • Ragged CasterRagged Casters will appear. They shoot three homing projectiles that will inflict the BlackoutBlackout debuff, which will greatly reduce visibility. Because of their high damage and homing projectiles that go through walls, they should be prioritized. They have a low chance to drop the Spectre StaffSpectre Staff.
  • Skeleton SniperSkeleton Snipers carry a Sniper Rifle, and use it to shoot at players from far away. This attack deals massive damage, so the player should always watch out for them. They may drop the Rifle ScopeRifle Scope and/or Sniper RifleSniper Rifle when killed.

Tiled Walls[]

  • Hell Armored BonesHell Armored BonesHell Armored BonesHell Armored BonesHell Armored Bones will spawn. They have the overall lowest health and defense stats, while their attack damage is average. They inflict the On Fire!On Fire! debuff which will deal a high amount of damage over time and will also stop natural regeneration.
  • DiabolistDiabolists are the casters of the area. They shoot a fireball that goes through blocks. This projectile explodes, creating a large fire sphere that lasts for a few seconds and deals massive damage on contact. They should be killed as soon as possible, as their fire can limit the player's movement. They drop the Inferno ForkInferno Fork when killed.
  • Tactical SkeletonTactical Skeletons use their Tactical ShotgunTactical Shotgun to attack from a distance. While it does a lot of damage, they are unable to attack while being hit, so it will rarely get a chance to shoot if constantly attacked. They may drop their weapon when killed.

All Walls[]

Bone LeeBone Lees and Giant Cursed SkullGiant Cursed Skulls appear on all wall types. The former is very mobile and does a lot of contact damage, making close ranged combat dangerous. The latter acts like a normal Cursed Skull, with the added ability to shoot a projectile.

Other Tips[]

  • The Wisp in a BottleWisp in a Bottle dropped by the Armored Bones should be used if obtained as it can keep the player's surroundings lit infinitely without the need to use torches.
  • Put Heart Lanterns and Campfires near any farming areas for faster health regeneration. Chairs () and Honey baths can be used for extra healing when not fighting.
  • When fighting an enemy, keep attacking for a second or two after they are dead, because Dungeon Spirits' spawning is random. The spirits fly around the player rapidly, which makes it difficult to hit them with small-projectile weapons.