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This is a Guide page.
This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.
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  • The Hallow is considered an opposite to the Corruption or Crimson biomes, since it can spread like they can, and it has light themed items instead of the Evil biomes' Night or evil themed items.

    The Hallow cannot naturally exist in a pre-Hardmode world. After defeating the Wall of Flesh, two diagonal strips in a "V" formation will infect the world. One side of the world will be Hallow, the other being Corruption/Crimson.

    While the Hallow isn't as dangerous as its evil counterparts, it can still be a deceptively difficult biome.

    Recommended Gear[]


    At minimum, you should have the strongest armor sets available in pre-Hardmode.


    For Melee users:

    • Night's EdgeNight's Edge or Breaker BladeBreaker Blade; the former has better damage and knockback, while the latter has greater range.
    • An AmarokAmarok is a very good weapon that can easily be obtained early on. A Hel-FireHel-Fire is slightly weaker, and is acquired similarly.
    • Dark LanceDark Lance is a very strong spear that can handle enemies at close range.

    For Ranged users:

    For Magic users:

    For Summoners:

    • The Spider StaffSpider Staff is the most reliable minion available. Most Prehardmode minions deal too little damage to be effective against the large numbers of enemies in the Hallow
      • Abigail's FlowerAbigail's Floweris an alternative, since it gains a huge damage buff in hardmode.





    The Surface Hallow is the only place where Unicorn HornUnicorn Horns and Pixie DustPixie Dust can be obtained, two materials that are useful for recipes, most notably the Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potions and Holy ArrowHoly Arrows. It can be generated anywhere in the world once in Hardmode, including the natural Corruption/Crimson biomes.

    There are only three enemies that can spawn here:

    • PixiePixies are the most common. They have moderate damage and health, and low knockback resistance. While they aren't too big of a threat, be careful to not get overwhelmed by them, especially at night. It rarely drops the Fast ClockFast Clock or MegaphoneMegaphone when killed.
    • A UnicornUnicorn is a very fast enemy that has very high health, knockback resistance, and damage. It can easily catch a player off guard, however it can barely jump, which can be exploited by standing above it.
    • At night, GastropodGastropods will appear. They are common and have high Health, Defense, and can shoot lasers. Since it's considered a Slime, the Expert mode exclusive Royal GelRoyal Gel will make it completely harmless.


    Most of the Hallow's value lies underground, where Crystal ShardCrystal Shards and Soul of LightSouls of Light are acquired. These two materials are required for many early Hardmode recipes, hence they should always be collected or farmed for.

    Crystal Shards will grow naturally on the Pearlstone blocks, while Souls of Light have a chance to be dropped by any enemy killed within the biome. A good farming spot for the latter is a wide section of a cavern, where all enemies will spawn within one place. The area should also have an enclosed area to hide in when at low health.

    Since Pearlstone BlockPearlstone takes longer to mine than regular Stone, the area can be difficult to explore. Explosives or a Hardmode ore Pickaxe should be used to deal with this problem.

    Like every other biome in Hardmode, there are stronger enemies added to those in the regular Caverns.

    • Illuminant BatIlluminant Bat are very threatening. With no Wings or a substantial movement accessory, they should be avoided, as they have higher stats than Giant Bats.
    • Chaos ElementalChaos Elemental are dangerous when venturing the Underground Hallow: They can easily catch a player off guard with their ability to teleport, and have high health. They don't jump very high however, so they are easier to kill when standing above them. They can easily be seen since they glow in the dark.
    • Illuminant SlimeIlluminant Slime are common and easy to deal with. They should only be treated like a slime with higher stats.
    • Enchanted Sword (NPC)Enchanted Swords are very rare, and they have a chance to inflict CursedCursed on hit. They move through blocks, and charge towards towards the player. If hit however, they will start spinning, becoming unable to move. This makes them rather easy to deal with.
    • Hallowed MimicHallowed Mimic are rare, but they should always be avoided until better gear is obtained, as their massive stats and attack patterns make them incredibly hard to kill underground.

    Other Tips[]

    • The Hallow spreads in a similar way to the Corruption and Crimson.
    • Unlike Corruption/Crimson, NPCs can live in the Hallow without leaving. In fact, it is a good idea to have your base Hallowed, as this will stop the evil biomes from coming towards it.
    • The Crystal SerpentCrystal Serpent is a great weapon that can be very easily obtained at the beginning of Hardmode. It has a 1/200 (0.5%) chance to be obtained from fishing in the Hallow.