Gungnir is part of the hallowed set of weaponry and is the fourth highest-tier spear in the game, next to the Mushroom Spear, North Pole and (on the console and mobile version) Tonbogiri. It provides light in very similar way to the Dark Lance and the Mushroom Spear`s glowing mushrooms. The highest prefix for this weapon is Godly, as it cannot get size modifying prefixes.



  • Gungnir light
    Gungnir's large size, long reach and the bright light particles it emits make it the perfect tool to check the presence of caves, ores and treasures through walls.
  • It is very effective on segmented enemies, especially if the spear can be aimed straight into multiple segments.


  • Gungnir is the name of Odin's magical spear in Norse Mythology.
  • The name Gungnir means "swaying one" in Old Norse.
  • Before 1.2.3, Gungnir was the most expensive item to reforge on the PC version of the game; reforging a plain Gungnir could cost 75 GoldCoin Small.
  • Gungnir is well known as more of an entity in mythology and therefore is referred to simply as Gungnir rather than The Gungnir.

Update Info


  • Lost the ability to be reforged with Size-modifying prefixes. (Including Legendary)


  • Added to the game.
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